Friday, 10 September 2010

Mixed post

Hi everyone

This is a post with a little bit of this and a little bit of that and nothing much at all ☺

"Vintage Cross-Stitch"
and no I did not pick it up at a op-shop
I made it, for a school project, about 1975/76
And no, I did not iron it for its photo shoot.
The material is one of those really hard to iron linens, no matter what I try it never got that beautiful "just-ironed" look and so I did not bother.

Now, if I ever find where I have stored some other projects I did as a child, I will share them with you.  They are even older than this.
But it did start me on a crafting habit for many years.
Unfortunately I have not touched it for years, as time just was not available.
But I have had an "urge" lately, so they may start turning up here
That's if my eyes can "see" what I have to do ☺

Now on to something different
I told you I would rework this pattern, see here for details

No, its not the same one - tsk, tsk, tsk

Here they are both together to prove it ☺

And the second square in Knit4Charities KAL

Yep, it was a rattle
Currently working on the third square, but no ideas yet as to what it may picture
Knit4Charities also have a very small Flickr group here
Most members post their photos on the Yahoo group website
They can also be found here on Ravelry

Have a great weekend


  1. I just love a little of this and that. I swear you and I must be kinder spirits and we are the same age to boot.

    Did you see Sue's big posting.... WOW-za

  2. those blue and white delph patterns are ageless.
    I have a vintage linen table cloth that NEVER irons out - I am almost thankful my sister bored it (allegedly).
    Knitting in the round for yokes is so effective, a lovely Spring colour use Maria :)