Saturday, 4 September 2010

Crochet Quirks

Hi everyone

Ok, its time to tell all

My Crochet Quirks -
  • I will use a plain granny square to explain this one - when working I only do one chain in a corner and none between the tr/dc groupings.  No idea why, but if I do what the pattern says, it becomes very stretchy and out of wack if I do.
  • Read somewhere when joining your stitches at a corner, instead of doing a slip stitch, work a dc/sc.  For me this works beautifully and makes my corners much neater
Remember I am a self-taught hooker.  I love reading and I am able to understand what is explained this way, so that is how I learnt.  Now none of these things bother me, I just have to adapt patterns i.e. reduce chains between clusters/groups and corners

Come on anyone else want to 'fess up to a quirk!!


  1. I usually do a slip stitch. I'll try the dc/sc you suggest.

  2. Hi Maria, i do what pattas suggested, a half tr/ in the corner works fine.. this allows you to finish on the corners without a horrible looking join. Other than that,i do not put a chain in between groups of tr/dc's. :))

  3. I love this Maria, I also adapt patterns to suit. Depending on the yarn used , as to how many st in a corner. At the moment I make 1 ch.. to join a row I make 1/2 tr/dc .. As Tina has pointed out this avoids the ugly joins in the middle of rows.I should explain ...With the half tr/dr corner, crochet 3tr and proceed to next joining space 3tr/dc then join with the 1/2tr/dc.. :))

  4. My quirk is that I crochet as if I'm knitting! I hold the yarn in my right hand and take the yarn over - the end result is the same! My aunt taught me as a child and however hard I've tried I can't break that habit!

  5. I may try your tip! I tend to leave off a stitch here and there to create a tighter, neater fabric too!

  6. I don't join in the corner, I prefer to join and start the next round on the side somewhere. Is that quirky?

    I also do my ch 3 as the first DC and turn at beginning of each round. I think it makes the piece lay more flat.

  7. Im not sure what I do - will have to think about that one oh I know I usually make my join in the corner!

  8. Maria,
    I have an idea after reading Charlottes post on SIBOL.
    I have posted my idea in the comments section underneath.
    Then went across to Charlotte and saw your post.
    Would you pop back over to the UK and have a read again 'under Charlottes' post.
    Thank you.
    You may be interested.

  9. Almost self taught - my right handed Nanna taught me, a leftie, the basics by having me sit opposite and mirror what she did.

    didn't crochet for years so had to use the internet to learn all over again! None between "shells", only one on the corners - perhaps that's why my crochet doesn't lie flat! (I'm told it's because my tension is too tight but the lack of extra stitches may contribute!)