Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Hi everyone

Firstly thank you to everyone for your recent kind words and thoughts.
Hubby has just got the results from the biopsy - And they were negative!!!!  So we will be celebrating tonight.  We will have to go through this next year again - but that's a 356 days away.  ☺

As they say LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!

Hubby brings the mail up on his way home each night.
Well last night he said - "You have a letter"
A quick look - it had the postmark - Devon
There was me looking a little confused - then the light bulb moment
Now hubby wanted me to open it straight away, but I was in the middle of cooking dinner and wanted to make an event of this opening.  But he kept on insisting, so I opened the envelope and found this inside

A wonderfully wrapped little package with a note

This wonderful little package was from Linda at Chalky's World and she had just celebrated her first blogiversary.  And all I did was mention my favourite colour of the rainbow, which was .......
All of them!!
So inside the wonderfully wrapped package was this

A rainbow of seeds to plant
I think its just in time too!!

Thank you so much Linda
You really did brighten my day

Now I just need a pot to plant them in, so I will organise hubby for that.  I have the potting mix already.
So expect updates on their progress

As a Postscript - I would like to wish the lovely Kate from The Garden Bell a .....


It's just clicked over (I think) to the wee hours of her birth morning
there is another girl who loves her rainbow of colours


  1. How lovely. Aren't some people kind? Especially in the blogging world. I'll be interested to see what comes from your seeds.
    So glad your husband's test was good.

  2. So pleased to hear your good news Maria.
    I hope you only have good news now for many years to come.

  3. Great news. I wish him continued good health

  4. Great news Maria!!! A lovely suprise for you too. All in all a good Week! Excellent! xx

  5. So good to hear all's well. Enjoy your rainbows. :)

  6. Happy News Maria, Every day is a celebration of life..... Enjoy your rainbow :))

  7. Hope ur life will be full of good news! thank u soo much for ur comment on my blog!