Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Australian Rainbow Flowers

Hi everyone

I have had a thought spinning around in my head for quite a few days now, and yes, my head has been hurting with all that spinning ☺☺☺

So for no particular reason, other than to stop spinning, I am going to create my ......
here just for you
and more importantly for me
So that when I get around to having a garden again, I will be prepared with my flowers

BTW - All of these plants are ones I have grown in my many gardens from time to time, a lot of these I repeatedly have grown in each garden.

First off, please note that none of these photos are mine, I went trawling through Flickr to find them and will give credit where due

So now for the
this would have to be our Bottlebrush

An Orange Flowering Gum


would be for Wattle

 While its not seen as a "flower" this would definitely be in my garden, as long as I have a shady spot
Green is such a hard colour to find in flowers

And when I checked my first thought, which was the Australian Native Orchid, I found the flowers were whitish too
A really hard colour for me to find anything, so I chose an Iris

This is a very hard colour for me to find something, so I ended up with these - Bracyscomes, which I might add still seem purple to me

for our Native Violet, which is tiny and is used as a groundcover in shady, dampish spots

Hope you enjoyed my day-dreaming as much as I have


  1. Oh, Maria what a charming idea and posting. Aren't you the clever one. So glad to see you are back.

    What fun you have been having while I was away. So much to see and read. Stunningly, fun pictures as always. So, glad to be back around with all my friends in blogland.


  2. Yes I agree with Kate, Beautiful Australian plants.
    The little Violet I have in my garden along with the bottle brush. The colours are stunning and the birds love it..:)) have a great day Maria, although I think it may be a wet one..
    hugs pat in tas :))

  3. They are just so pretty! Hugs Suex