Wednesday, 1 September 2010

100 years ......


Above image is from favourite Australian Author - May Gibbs

Did you know that today is our National Wattle Day!!!
Well, I for one only found this out recently


On the 1st September 1910, the first Wattle Day was celebrated in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne and was significant as being the first organised demonstration on a definite day ever witnessed in Australia.

Australia's Native Flower

Emblem of Patriotism and Love

Let the wattle henceforth be a sacred charge to every Australian. Let us foster and protect and cherish it. Let us plant it in all our parks and reserves and pleasure grounds, so that we may make pilgrimages to its groves in blossom time. let us give our schoolchildren wattle plants, and offer annual prizes for the best grown trees, that there may be no Australian who cannot link it with his childish memories....

To the native born Australian the wattle stands for home, country, kindred, sunshine, and love - every instinct that the heart most deeply enshrines.

Sydney Morning Herald, September 1, 1910

The above information came from this site

Found this fantastic photo of a wattle tree through Google Images

And if you would like to see photos of wattle in bloom check out this post at Lady Helsie's Happenings
It is only one of a few she has on our beautiful native flora
She also has a great example of the wattle as her header

Wattle is also the inspiration for our sporting colours "Green & Gold"


  1. Good morning Maria,

    Thank you for this information, I cant believe I didn't know.

    We have our wattles in gorgeous bloom at the moment.

    Have a wonderful day,


  2. Happy Wattle day Maria :)) my wattle is out and to think i didn't know about this day (looking shameful).
    May Gibbs and the Gumnut Babies , what a great writer and she had such an imagination.

  3. Happy Wattle day to you! they are beautiful!

  4. Happy Wattle Day Maria, love the sentiment.. should be more of this kind of feeling.. :))

  5. Two in a row. Just read about this over at Helene's posting. What a wonderful looking bit of nature. And to have a day named after it.

    But, why do I feel like I'm going to sneeeeze?

  6. I have been enjoying Wattle Day with you and Helen. Those trees are gorgeous! Good day to you Maria!