Sunday, 26 September 2010


Hi everyone

Just a quickie post of some squares I posted to Sue for SIBOL Challenges
If the colours work for Sue, they are left to right -
  • one granny square for the Bonfire Challenge
  • one white square for the Black & White Challenge, pattern from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks #64 Sunshine Lace
  • one granny square for the Christmas Challenge

I bought the outside yarn because I loved the look of it in the yarn ball. While I still love the colours, I have found that it is better to work plain granny squares with them as the colour changes are so quick you would never be able to see any pattern.


  1. Those multi coloured yarns have caught me out as well - I agree - keep them simple.
    I can see what attracted you to those yarns - great colours - and another lovely SIBOL contribution :)

  2. I love them Maria!
    I just like so much simple squares, they seem beautiful to me.
    THis is a nice piece of work you have made here.

  3. Hi Maria! You asked about the square pattern that I posted a picture of on Flickr...

    I know it was a free pattern, but I have looked and looked this afternoon and can't find it anywhere! I don't know what the name was or anything. If I find it, I'll let you know.

    Also, if it was you who asked about my hair, it is still long. That picture was taken before I grew it out!

    Sorry about that square pattern. It is a pretty square!

  4. Really lovely squares Maria, Sue will be thrilled.x

  5. lovely squares! I agree, simple granny patterns are the best for the varigated yarn.

  6. Lovely Squares Maria.I apologise for not getting to you. I have been getting 'service unavailable' for days!
    I'll look forward to these squares and thank you!
    Love Suex