Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Striped Smock Top - 12 months

Hi everyone
Another "little" project for an upcoming charity.

This pattern is lovely and found here
So quick, simple and not much thinking involved - right up my alley ☺

This is the 12 months size.
Worked in 8 ply yarn with 3.75mm & 4.5mm needles.
Only took me 2 days and if you totalled up working time, probably an afternoon.
Not to gauge, as you can see by the ruler - it should be 22.5" so 11-3/4" on ruler.
Only modification was to add 4 stitches under-arm instead of 2

I loved this pattern so much I am already working on the 18 months size now as it would be great for comparison.
But that is not a problem as it will still fit a baby.

You can so easily play with this pattern.
Work a lovely lace pattern through it .

Definitely on my "easy baby item" list.

Just wish I had a baby to try it on

P.S. - Don't you love the Stats page in Blogger in Draft
And now we have spell check
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And a Location button too!!!!!


  1. Lovely little top!
    Keep up the good work. Soon it will be too hot for knitting again.

  2. Cute top Maria. What yarn did you use ?

  3. Cute top Maria & thanks for the link to the pattern.