Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Super Easy Fingerless Mittens - My first writing of a pattern

Hi everyone

I had grand plans for yesterday including writing a post and then ...............

we had a black-out (not sure why) and all my grand plans that involved electricity went out the window - no ironing, no vacuuming, (that was the best excuse I have come up with yet!!!!!) and no computer

so what am I to do ........

except sit down (no cuppa!!!!!), pick up hook and yarn and ......


BTW - I forgot to check when the power came back on, could have been 1 min or hours!!!! Crochet time was had instead.

So here is what amused me yesterday.

For the charities, lots of people do scarfs - some because they are beginners and others for the mindless knitting and of course there is always the just cause!!!!. Those that want a bit more of a challenge usually do beanies - and all for similiar reasons. But me, I do both, but wanted something a little different.

Started thinking then notice a request for fingerless mittens and gloves - simple enough and quick - just up my alley. So I have knitted and crocheted a few pair.

But yesterday I wanted something super quick, super easy and very warm. So I played around and came up with ideas from all those other patterns done in my style - which I will share with you.

My fingerless mittens, originally uploaded by Aussie Maria.

Super Easy Fingerless Mittens
Ch 32 (or size required to fit); htr/hdc in 2nd ch from hook, htr/hdc to end; join with slip st to beg ch
*2 ch, htr/hdc to end, join with sl st to ch* Repeat until work measures approx 10cm/4in or length required
Sl st across 6 more st's, 2 ch, htr/hdc to beg, turn, 2 ch, htr/hdc back, sl st to htr/hdc to join back up (this will create a hole for thumb)
*2 ch, htr/hdc to end, join with sl st to ch* Repeat until work measures approx 15cm/6in (in total) or length required.

My apologies if this seems like double dutch, this is my very first attempt at writing what I do. And I did use a mix of all my other patterns I use as a guide.  The only major difference that I did was the extra row gap at the thumb hole, a lot of patterns just join on the one round and I find I like a bit more moveability around my thumb area.  And I now do foundation chain rows, instead of chains then the stitch.  I learnt this way of starting here

I also made this ..........  pattern here - the Divine Hat

and I learnt fptr/fpdc and bptr/bpdc
 - just so you and I are clear this stands for "front post treble/front post double crochet and back post treble/back post double crochet".  Check out YouTube for some excellent instructions if this is new to you like it was for me ☺

And these ........ Child's Slippers

Great thing about making items for chairty -

  • it will fit someone!!!!

  • great way to try out patterns before committing your very expensive choices

  • never boring, always something new - adult, child, animals

  • use up old or gifted stash!!!!
So a productive day (in the craft department) was had!!!!!!

Oh well, back to the boring housework  :-(


  1. Maria! Well done! your first tutorial!!!!! These look really snug and I like the idea of extra room for the thumb. It must have been a long power cut to get all of that done!! Bliss I say. The hat looks interesting with the front post back post thing - will look it up cant think if I have tried this. Thank you for sharing and congrats. Have a good day x

  2. Well i am going to try out your pattern....

  3. Your mittens look great!
    The blue hat and little slippers too!

  4. Your mitts look great , I had a go at some once but one was too big and one too small....must have another go using your pattern!
    Louise x

  5. Great post and great pattern! :-)

    I have tried front-post and back-post stitches before in a bag pattern. They are actually pretty simple - it's just the name makes them sound fancy and complicated! :-)

    If you search on youtube there are some very good video tutorials on how to do those stitches. It's definitely worth a look!

    One question about your pattern: I assume the first part is done as rows, but once you do the slip-stitch part, it becomes joined up and you're working in the round?? Is that right? I'm sure once I try it, it will become clear.

    Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us! If only it was cold enough for me to need them! Oh, my life's tough up here in North Queensland, isn't it? ;-)

    Happy hooking!

  6. This is a good video tutorial of front post and back post stitches:

  7. Congratulations Maria,
    Well done!
    My favourite has to still be the cutie slippers, I just loove...them
    Hugs Suex

  8. Great job on your first tutorial. They turned out very nice. I just love that yummie varigated yarn. But, then you know that about me and all my dyeing. But, those colors. Fun, Fun, Fun....


  9. fantastic job of the pattern...
    and love the amazing little boots...too cute...