Thursday, 21 July 2011

Blog Posts

Thank you to all who left a comment on my last Post about reading other Blog Posts
I learnt that there are lot of different options that I had not even thought about
And that some of us do things exactly the same  :-)

Every day brings us something new to learn


  1. Off to see all the responses. I am behind in commenting, but have been trying to catch up on my reading tonight. And yes, please send us some cool air and rain. Not till Friday before we get down below 90. One more day of this miserable stuff.

  2. You're right about every day bringing something new to learn! Keeps us alive and our little grey cells functioning!

  3. you are so right Maria.. it makes life more interesting LOL..

  4. Love the hats...also, the blogging.
    I leave comments sometimes..most of the time I'm left wondering about the dozens and dozens of people who leave comments on a blog where there is a picture of strawberries??? Really, they feel the need to comment on a berry?
    Telling the writer how wonderful they are?? Or a picture of their back yard chair and peoples leave a dozen comments on a brown chair?
    Hope you're enjoying your summer - sending you cooler weather from California!