Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Blogger :-(

Mixed bag, some I can comment, others not
Then I found the following on this blog

"I'm not sure if anyone else is having the same problems commenting as I am at the moment.....................I'm unable to post comments to blogs that are using the embedded comment option in their settings...........................I used the "Help" button on the dashboard and apparently there's an error attatched to this's quite easy to change.........On your "Dashboard" click on "Settings" then click on "Comments"...............3rd option down you have three choices to display your comment box..............either choose "Pop up window" or "Full page display"......the third one "embedded beneath post" is the option causing all the problems.

I've just had another look on bloggers "Help" page and quite a few people are experiencing this problem.

So if I usually comment on your blog and I haven't recently, it may be because you have the "embedded below post" option to display your comments."

Only went to the blog for her lovely crafting ability and I found an answer - good news

Friday, 27 May 2011

Blogger :-(

another day
but Blogger has not changed

Frustration is turning to anger
So best leave for a little while
In the hopes of one day it will work

To all my lovely blogging friends
I am reading your posts
I really, really want to leave a comment

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday's Word

Hi everyone
I know about Wordless Wednesday
But why not have a special word on Wednesday instead

First off - I have not had a drink and I have not taken any pills   ☺

As a child I was a voracious reader and I loved finding new words and trying to work out the meaning from the text around it.  I was frequently right, but it also expanded my vocabulary when checking in the dictionary.  Kids curtailed my reading time, but I am slowly getting back into it.  And once again words are intruiging.

While I was planning this in post (in the middle of the night) all my favourite, weird words disappeared into the shadows and crooks and cranny's.

The only word that just would not go away was .......
drumroll please ........


This word is not found in a dictionary, but on a map
I love this word, it always makes me smile, I love saying it
Now I am no word expert, so please correct me (gently, I hate pain  ☺)
It is pronunuced - Gul/aR/Gam/Bone

Never been there
Don't know anyone from there
But would love to go there one day, just to say I have

While trying to find a map to show you where it is (could not work out how to add Google Maps), I found this in images, from Wilber Farm House (no affiliation what so ever).  Could be the perfect place to visit Gulgarambone.

You really need to say it out loud to enjoy the word - well I do!! ☺ ☺

And also from the website -
"Gulargambone" is an aboriginal term meaning "watering hole of many birds".

Now I must off and prepare myself (read) so I have a word for another Wednesday

Blogger :-(

Is driving me crazy this morning

It will NOT let me leave comments on some of your very wonderful posts
I am in an endless loop of logging in and clicking comment and logging in and clicking comment ....... and on and on and on

I feel sad, as there were a few I really, really, really wanted to say - Hey I love it, looks great, etc


Saturday, 21 May 2011


Hi everyone

A quick little, gorgeous project to show.
This pattern has been on my queue for A-G-E-S
I finally got around to buying it and decided to whip one up straight away
Love, love, love it

Definitely on my "what can I quickly whip up or have on stand by pattern" for babies, toddlers and children - the pattern goes up to 6 years old!!!

Milo details are here
No mods

Well worth the small price for a such a simple, but gorgeous pattern.
I know it will be used again, and again, and again .........

An added bonus - the designer is Australian!!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hobart, Tasmania

Hi everyone

Well I did say that I would share some thoughts and photos of my trip,
and so I start ......
This post may seem disjointed as I will be writing this in bits and pieces

Now, you should all know that this has completed a long held Bucket List wish
I have now visited every state and territory in Australia
Some only very briefly and one teeny bit of the state/territory
Others are repeated visits and much more extensive

Now while Tasmania has patiently waited for a visit from me, I have found that I have a very large and strong connection with this beautiful little state.
My family history research has turned up quite a lot of my ancestors from here.
So on my trip to Hobart, we spent a lot of time just looking and feeling the atmosphere
I know there are many things now that my ancestors would never have seen
But as Hobart has kept a large amount of their old buildings and historical attractions, I got a glimpse of what it may have looked and felt like

View from Derwent River and hidden in the clouds is Mt Wellington

Just to document my direct ancestors who started their families in Tasmania.
  1.  Thomas DRISCOLL - Convict, arrived in Tasmania in 1852 from Cork, Ireland ; almost immediately became a Policeman in the Colony ; had two wives and a total of 22 children!!!! (g-g-g-grandfather)
  2. Mary LEARY/O'LEARY - Came free to Tasmania from Ireland ; wife of above ; had 13 children (g-g-g-grandmother)
  3. John CHEW - Convict, arrived in Tasmania in 1848 from Somerset, England (g-g-g-grandfather)
  4. Ellen QUILL - Convict, arrived in Tasmania in 1851 from Limerick, Ireland ; wife of John CHEW (g-g-g-grandmother)
  5. Mary QUILL - Convict, arrived in Tasmania in 1851 from Limerick, Ireland ; sister of Ellen QUILL (g-g-g-grandaunt)
  6. David RADLEY - Convict, arrived in Tasmania in 1845 from Essex, England (g-g-g-grandfather)
  7. Emma Jane ROBINS - Born in Tasmania in 1837. Wife of David RADLEY.  Details are sketchy on exactly when her parents, William & Jane ROBINS (g-g-g-g-grandparents), arrived in Tasmania (c1833), but they were in Victoria c1840 (g-g-g-grandmother)
  8. John VICTORSEN - Came free to Tasmania from Germany via England (g-g-g-granduncle)
View from Mt Wellington of Hobart & north on a beautifully clear day

    Tuesday, 17 May 2011

    What's going on around here

    Well, confusion mainly
    Cazn't seem to make up my mind what I want to do, as evidenced below

    Normally I am a one-project woman
    But it seems that knitting in the round is really attracting me
    And the one lone crochet project, which I had thought about for ages.
    Well, absolutely love the cotton, but for some reason the project is just not working for me.
    No particular reason, just does not seem right
    Don't know if it just needs some time out or forget about it

    So, how many projects do you have going at the moment?
    And how many do you love?

    Friday, 13 May 2011


    Hi everyone
    Just some quick pictures of this months Charity Of The Month mail outs

    First off - Australian Inland Mission

    And then - Sydney Homeless Connect Day.

    I was planning on sending more for this, being so local.
    But that vest is HEAVY.
    Took all the 500g of the Posk Pak!!

    Not to worry, there is always more local charities throughout the year.
    And that vest will keep someone VERY WARM

    Monday, 9 May 2011

    Teeny weeny

    Hi everyone

    Well I showed you the little crocheted hats I whipped up for the hubby's new neices.
    I also made them little cardigans.
    Knitted this time as I was worried about their tiny little fingers getting caught.
    And after seeing them I was right to be worried.
    Even though it will be a while before they fit into these little cardigans.

    See how little they are
    This is the Smocked Top pattern which I have used before

    And those little beanies
    Well Knit4Charity has a booklet out with a few patterns and guidelines for various charities
    I knit their Preemie Baby Beanie
    And look at the size

    Those teeny weeny little knitted beanies will fit them now!!!!

    The girls are officially one week old today
    And all is well

    Friday, 6 May 2011

    Tasmanian Wool Co.

    Lookee what I picked up in Hobart
    At the Tasmanian Wool Co in Salamanca Place of all places

    Supreme Possum Merino Yarn 4ply Silk!!!
    A beautiful soft yarn

    Bit of mixed feelings about this
    I do love 'Our' Possums
    Have had, over the years, quite a few as wild 'pets'
    Well, they at times would hand-feed from us
    Particularly one 'Mum' who we would see over many years
    And I believe they are protected in a lot of areas of Australia because of their low numbers

    But someone, somewhere, sometime, took Possums to New Zealand
    Where they are now considered pests
    Destroying their native wildlife and flora
    Much like Cane Toads have become to QLD, and now unfortunately NSW, maybe even VIC

    So they are 'harvested'
    And rather than being a total waste
    Their coats are put to use

    As New Zealanders are almost like cousins, cause of their closeness and their love of living in Australia  :-)
    I decided to buy some and try it out

    Did I mention how soft this is
    Very eager to try it out
    Apparently gloves and socks are popular with possum fur

    But this is special yarn with a mix of merino, possum and silk
    So something special I think is necessary

    Please pop on over to Kiwiyarns Knit if you would like to know more about it or just to read a wonderful blog about yarn and New Zealand in general

    Wednesday, 4 May 2011

    Well, what's a crafter to do ....

    when two little girls turn up so unexpectedly?

    Well, first is to run up to the LYS to grab some very soft baby yarn.
    Preemies need lots of softness
    Secondly, peruse patterns for preemies
    Thirdly, get out all my little hooks and needles

    And, fourthly - get cracking

    See how tiny they are?
    And their heads are 6cm smaller than this
    So they are still too big for them
    But they will grow

    Funny, how only two years ago, almost to the day, my daughters half-sisters were born at 24 weeks too.  They are now 'big' girls of 2!!.  I remember the tiny things I made for them.

    My twin girls were born 4 weeks preemie, but such a good size there were no problems, and they were treated like normal term babies.  Probably just no room to grow in my then, tiny, body   :-)

    Off to whip out a few more, as I know that's about all they will be wearing

    Another thought I just had, is that for just over 30 years, except for 1 year, I have been making everything in triplicate.  D3 was too close in age to leave her out of new things.  And I felt horrible if she had only hand-me-downs, even if they were almost new - Silly me!!!!

    Ooops almost forgot details
    The pattern is The Shell Stitch Beanie
    Mods and details here

    Tuesday, 3 May 2011


    Just a quick update
    At some time very late last night
    Not even too sure if it was today or yesterday
    Hubby became an Uncle again
    So late that I don't even know the sexes as yet
    Yep, there were 2 of them

    Now your probably a bit surprised
    No photos of wee crocheted or knitted things
    Particularly as I love to work these wonderful tiny things up for charity

    Well, the little ones have turned up 12 weeks early!!!!

    So other than their birth, that's all we know

    Monday, 2 May 2011

    Home again

    Hi everyone

    Well, I did make it back, extremely relunctantly, from Hobart
    And what beautiful weather she turned on
    I haven't even looked at what little photos I have taken as yet
    Spent most of the time just absorbing the history and picturing what my ancestors may have seen.

    While I was away, in my head, I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote posts
    But now, well they seem very relunctant to turn up
    Probably too many re-works in my head

    So please excuse my lack of posting
    Hopefully it will work itself out and turn up here

    And I'm madly trying to catch up with the blog world I missed (well, I'm skimming really)
    And hopefully fingers will get back to crochet and knitting - books are the preference at the moment
    It's ALL gone haywire   :-)