Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Hi everyone

It seems I was a bit too eager with thoughts of Autumn - bummer!!!!  We are back to sleeping without blankets and humid days.  Luckily though the temperatures have not been too extreme throughout the day.

So I may have been a little too eager to play with this pattern, Easy Victorian Shell Mitts.

The wool is Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 8 ply (DK) in the Colourway of Poseiden.
I did increase the ribbing part by 12 rows and matched the shell part with that.

They are a very quick and satisfying project.  You will probably see many more of these turning up here.
As you can see, doing nails is not my thing.  Well, ok sometimes it is, but rarely, and then it is usually a clear lacquer, so you would not notice it much

Thought you might all like to see what & where I spend every Saturday for 6 months of the year!!!!
The locations are always different, but the main scenery is very similiar.

That is hubby batting.

While not everyone is interested in sport, particularly cricket, I thought I would give you a glimpse into my weekends.  Hubby's team finished 2nd in his grade, so both Saturday and Sunday are taken up for a possible three weekends.  One down (above photo) and now he is in the finals for next week.

When I first started watching cricket, I would take a book or a magazine and read when it got TOO boring.  A couple of years ago I started taking small knitting projects.

This season I have been crocheting.
This is where the two Xmas blankets had a lot of work done on them.  Found that crocheting at the cricket was great, doing hexagons and squares, as I could watch, while my fingers and brain did the roundy-roundy part.  Must be automatic as I found there were very, very, very few mistakes, which I usually knew almost straight away and corrected on the go.

I have started the second cape for the flowergirls and finished another poncho, which I will show when it dries - the yarn was a little scratchy for my liking, so it was washed and conditioned  ☺

Hope you all had fantastic weekends!!!!

Bye for now


  1. I have watched the odd game of cricket when my son played but I have to say it doesn't really interest me. Good idea to put the time to such good use though I don't know how you handle those yarns in the heat.
    You are certainly in a very prolific stage - putting the rest of us to shame with all you ae turning out. Good on you!

  2. Hi Maria,
    Well thats exactly what I would do. I would hate wasting time just sitting there. Have to put it to some use.
    I love the little mitts. I love the colour you've used too.
    Thankfully my Husband doesn't watch Cricket, but hes into the British Touring Cars. I went a couple of times, terribly bored and got soaked. Vowed I'd never go again. But I wasn't Crocheting so much then as I am now, so perhaps I'll just take my hook with me!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  3. My Saturday mornings will now be taken up for Soccer! I wonder how many scarves I will churn out this year.
    Love the mitts. Was that your own pattern?

  4. I find taking my crochet with me is always useful, passes many an hour. I've just made a few squares down at the park while my little boy played with his friend. I can keep just enough watch on them while I stitch!
    have a happy week
    Louise x

  5. Good luck to hubby and the team for the final next weekend.

  6. Love the gloves, perfect for the cool Autim mornings that we've been having of late..

    Jodie :)

  7. Very cool mits...without fingers too....

    Fun to see the cricket being played. Their uniforms are sooooo white....

    Hugs from a rainy beach today,
    Kate - The Garden Bell