Friday, 26 February 2010

Hubby required editing

Hi everyone

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, especially those flying south for warmer weather??????
That's not a saying we use around here, we always fly north for warmer weather in winter  
Cute hey, just learnt how to do it - press Alt + 1 (on number pad), keep going there are lots more there to learn, like this (Alt + 3)

Anyway the reason for this posting is cause hubby finally read some of my latest postings and found something he was not happy with (can't find the unhappy face)

Remember these beautiful flowers!!!!!!!

I forgot to mention that hubby bought them for me

PS - Not for Valentines Day, just cause

Bye for now

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Mixed bag of goodies

Hullo, hullo, hullo

Where to start now ????????

Firstly I have just posted off another 7 pairs of Slippers With Souls.  That makes 15 pairs I have sent.  Yeah for me!!!  The Knit4Charities group has a total of 500 they are trying to achieve and I think they are down to the last 50 pairs.  Well done to anyone who contributed to this - I have nothing directly to do with it just think it was aspiring achievement.

And now here is a cape I made for one of the flowergirls.  The idea came for it after making the poncho shown here, and then I thought if I make something that just fits over their shoulders I would not have to worry about them growing etc.  So I gave this pattern a whirl.  I like how it turned out and DD3 likes it too - and she is the decision maker for this.
I hope it sits ok, cause then I can do a second one.  The big try on should be this weekend.  Keep your fingers cross that DD3 and flowergirl and flowergirl's mummy, who is Matron of Honour, like how it sits and looks and fits.

Now do the above photos look a little dark?????
Well that's cause yesterday was overcast and A LOT cooler than the previous days.
The weather-person must have been listening to all your wishes to cool it down for me.
Thank you one and all

And I found a pattern for Jamberoo
It is called Scarflet and can be found here
It reminds me of the Mardi Gra - swirly skirts, colours, lights, fun - you know

And yes we are back to sunshine this morning.  The weather is still a little cooler though.

Blogging is certainly a lovely world of people who link up with similiar thoughts, feelings and hobbies and differences to which introduce us to new things.
I have mentioned Sue from Mrs Twins project, well Kate from The Garden Bell requested that one of her squares should be placed next to one of my squares.  I had a little think and thought that was so sweet and caring across the many miles between us.  I requested that Mrs Twins put Kate's & my squares near the outside which is where she does the eding so that we all connect in a way.  And I just noticed that Kim from Kimbles at Home wants to connect too!!!  A couple of others might be Bethel from Bethel of Bethelania; Karin from Karin aan de haak;  if Helsie from Lady Helsie's Happenings crocheted I am sure she would be in on it etc, etc, etc

These are only a few of the many lovely people who have sent Sue squares.

You do get what I am trying to say - about the wonderful sharing and closeness of my blogger friends, even though many, many miles of land, sea, air and countries separate us
I think its wonderful!!!!

I am only new to blogging (about 6 months), but I find this part ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!!

Bye for now

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Heat, heat and even more heat

Hi everyone
I have notice that all those in the northern hemisphere have had enough of the cold, snowy, wild conditions.  I do sympathise really, but......

A little coolness down here would be absolutely divine .......  last night the temp. did not get below 30C/ over 85F!!!!!!

Very uncomfortable sleeping weather - actually non-sleeping weather.  Yes, I do have air-con, but I am never comfortable sleeping with it on.  Tried for a little while, but I so craved my fresh air - even if it was hot and sticky

A photo from left-field, out of nowhere, nothing relevant to anything (hope you get my meaning).

While out shopping for Xmas gifts, I was in a teashop and spotted this

Could not help but bring them home with me.  Haven't used it yet, as I am just enjoying looking at them.  But they will be in use soon, instead of my old beaten teapot

I need to take photos of my two latest projects.  One is finished and the other has only the about half the edging to go.

I am also glad to say that my squares made it over to England for Mrs Twins "Sunshine Blankets".  So pop on over and see how the blankets are coming together so nicely and say Hi to Sue

Bye for now

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Goals and Challenges

Good morning to all or few

Now you should know that I crochet/knit for an Australian group - Knit 4 Charities for the last 6 months or so.  I believe that charity starts at home and I like keeping my hands and mind busy.  This gives me a chance to try out new patterns and items that will fit SOMEBODY.

Well, Sue from Mrs Twins has a goal in memory of her grandmother in which she wishes to make blankets for the elderly.  She asked if anyone could help her with this by making 6 inch squares.

So I found some yarn in my stash.  And thinking you just never know what colours may send someone down memory lane, I put some bold colours together.

Here are the ones I sent off to Sue this week.

The ones below were to experiment with different patterns I had found on the net

Now if anyone else would like to help out Sue, please go to her blog and let her know.

Now then as to Kate from The Garden Bell challenge - the granny square jacket!!!!

What a magnificent job she did with hers.  I already had some ideas in place before viewing hers.  But could I fit it in with the other projects I have on the go at the moment - Slippers With Souls (6 down, 2+ more to go), Stash squares for charity blankets, 2 Flower Girl items, D1's throw and then my beautiful Colinette.

Is there enough hours in the day?
Can I find the right colour combination for me?
Is my idea going to work?

Well, you will just have to wait and see.  I am nowhere as quick as Kate in making up items, so it may be a little while before you see any hint of progress or even a start.  But challenges, unfortunately I usually accept them and then complain about lack of time  ;-))))))))))))

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Hi everyone

First off a thought - when I was younger I used to do nothing but knit.  I knew how to crochet.  But I prefered to knit, and knit I did - adult jumpers - with cables and patterns or fair-isle style etc, baby clothes, baby blankets, toddlers clothes and on and on.

I now find that I have time and can go back to my "crafting", but now I choose not to knit.  I do a little here and there, but I am finding crochet much more rewarding.

Now the reason I mention this is only that I thought it funny how things change over time.  Wonder if I will be around long enough to get intense about both crafts at the same time   VBG    :-)))))))

Straight into it - I have always had trouble with foundation chains.  They always seem too tight with no or very little give.  It does not matter what yarn or hook I use the result is always the same.  So I have tended to avoid anything which calls for a large number of foundation chains to start.  And anyway I am very happy to go round and round when I crochet - I actually prefer it.  I find it soothing, automatic work.  Backwards and forwards I have a problem

I bumped into Sandy's site - Sandy's Hook - last week and was interested.  Notice she had a video, but ignored that.  I thought it was about foundation chains - and I was well past that!!!!

Then I saw a notice about crochet info on the opening page of Ravelry, but again I thought I will check it out later.  Well over the weekend I clicked on the Ravelry link and whose face did I see but Sandy's!!!!  So I had a look at what the video was about (its also on YouTube).

Well, why oh why did I not look earlier - she made my entire year with her little video!!!!!

I now had a solution to my problems with foundation rows!!!!!  It must be karma, cause I desperately needed a solution and urgently

Thank you so much Sandy

I tried it straight away for the flower-girl project and it worked a treat!!!  As the project is coming along at a swimming rate, no photos till it is finished

And here are some gratitious flower photos - not for Valentines.  I am very tired of commercialism

with wattle leaves

I love red flowers, doesn't have to be a rose

And here is a storm coming through very late Friday afternoon after a very hot, very humid day

I assume all those who live in dry areas welcome this like we do - with cheers and thank you's.
Love sitting out (under cover of course) and enjoying the cooling display

Bye for now

Friday, 12 February 2010

Vegemite and insects and ideas

Hi everyone

Kate from The Garden Bell was asking about our Vegemite

Vegemite used to be Australian owned and made.  Unfortunately as you can now see it is owned by an American company - Kraft.  Quite a large number of Aussies were very upset when they heard that it was being bought by an overseas company ( me included).  It was ours and should have stayed ours.  But money won in the end like it usually does.  So for a while there a lot of Aussies black-banned Vegemite in silent defence.  Now they are trying to muck around with it and introduced "Cheesybite" - Yuk.  Can't change a great thing.  This a photo of my baby Vegemite (150g).  When my girls were little I needed the large one (400g)

Not every Aussie loves Vegemite - my hubby is one that hates it, but he does not like any spread on his toast either.

I love Vegemite on my toast, spread like this, not like in the commercials where its usually very thick and black

This is pretty well my standard breakfast and is really the only way I use Vegemite.  I remember my Nan used to make the best gravy by mixing Vegemite with the juices from the roast and maybe a bit of water.

Vegemite dates back to 1922 when a young chemist developed a spread from brewers yeast, which is naturally rich in Vitamin B

This is the ad on TV that I remember from childhood.  There is an older black & white version with children marching, which I think it is the original.

Vegemite sandwiches for school lunch is pretty standard, especially in our very hot weather.  Nothing to melt or go soggy.  Vegemite and cheese sandwiches are great too. 

As to its taste, well it is unique, I don't know of anything to compare it to.  I would not describe it as salty, but it is a savory spread.

Another Aussie came to visit yesterday

A cicada!

Did not expect to see one up here so high and no trees directly around me.  Boy are there heaps and heaps of them around at the moment with the heat and then the noise it becomes louder than any rock concert you have ever been to

Now you have seen what became of my flower-girls cardi's here.  And when I don't know what to do I reach for the stash my MIL gave me and crochet or knit things for the charity group, Knit 4 Charity.  I like doing this as it allows me to try new patterns and styles, no criticism and it is sure to fit someone.  Next month is for a Womens Refuge and they wanted some ponchos which I have never made.

Now this has given me an idea for the flower-girls.  Yeah!!!!!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

2010 Handmade Olympics

Hi everyone and for those who follow Lucy from Attic 24.  Please go here and vote for her in Event 5.  There may be other favourite handmade bloggers you wish to vote for to.

If you have not met Lucy pop on over here for some COLOUR and fun day to day (bit slower now with a bub in hand)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Hullo & Good-bye

I have been talking about WARNING but not showing you anything, so I will now, but it is not a happy ending.
Ok, so it will be the full version to keep you entertained.
I wandered in to my LYS and browsed and pondered on their yarn. I have had a project in my mind for a long while.
Firstly it had to cover my shoulders for when it gets a bit cool, something interesting, not to challenging - crocheted or knitted - not to sure. There are some beautiful knitting patterns for lacy shawls which I have yearned for. Only problem was I was interested in a quick fix, something that would not take too long to make - so I was leaning towards crochet.
Patterns have been rolling around in my head, but it would all depend on the wool. It needed to be at least 8ply as the fingers are just not up to the finer wool, it would take too long.
So back to the LYS and after doing the rounds I spotted half way down the wall some wool. Autumn colours which I was leaning towards and as I leant down to pull it out ..........

A glimmer of colour caught my eye ...............

It did not whisper to me ................

It was SCREAMING at me .......................

I HAD TO HAVE IT ..............

I knew that immediately ..............

So I checked the price - which was the amount I pay for 200g wool and it was only 50g!!!!!
Oh oh!!!!!
But it was so soft

Another thing is the colours, they are not what I would normally wear, but they are what I yearn to wear.  More the inner, hidden me

It was not Australian merino either!!!! Another HUGE Oh oh for me.

But I started to clutch at straws - the brand is from Wales.
My g-g-g-grandfather, George ROSKELL, was the first Mayor of Flintshire, Wales (1836) and my husbands g-g-grandfather, George Joseph THOMAS (b1856) is from Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales. So I am supporting family connections

Colinette Cadanza Jamboree

I could not help myself and yes, the straw was teeny, tiny

So I started on a very simple triangle shawl

I love the wool and I love the colours

But ..

I started to have doubts the third ball in and then I tried it on when I finished the fourth ball ........

Triangle Shawls do not sit properly on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh no, I love the wool so much, so it must be frogged and I will think of something else - maybe a rectangular shawl or wide scarf

Thank goodness hubby bought some flowers home to cheer me up

More frogging may be coming - WATCH Out

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The other Xmas Blanket

Hex Blanket Bluey, originally uploaded by Aussie Maria.

Hi everyone

Did not get a photo of the other Xmas Blanket for DD3 as it was in hiding from her and her fiance.

So now they have their own place and have it on display here it is in all its glory.

The colours were DD3 choice

Bye for now

Monday, 8 February 2010

Crochet Poem

Hi everyone

This came through on Knit4Charities group.  I thought others might like it too.

The rhythm of the hook
as it moves the yarn around
Calls to me in whispers
a sweet familiar sound.
My hand moves almost dreamlike
without a thought or care
As I fashion something new
for someone cold to wear.
Perhaps a scarf or cap
Maybe a blanket too
With each and every stitch
I think of more to do
So when the cold winds blow
and when the snow falls down
My yarn helps me to remember
Forgotten people all around.
I am the one who’s blessed
As my warm hands stitch away
I pray the rhythm of my hook
Will help someone in some small way.

Bye for now

Friday, 5 February 2010

Not much in particular

Good morning everyone
Hope all is well with you.
There is not much going on around here.

Just some beautiful rain!!!

We desperately need rain and we finally got some this week.  Our dams are only just getting to half full.  So its not a lot of rain, but it is oh so very welcome.

It may seem that not much crochet or knitting is going on around here.  But there is!!!  Just my WARNING project has slowed down.  I have so many projects going on, some in my head, that only a little bit of work gets done.  And the weather is no help at all.  While the rain is welcome, the humidity is not.  It is so high!!!  Crochet can only be done a row or two at a time.
Very frustrating.

Now for a project that I may have given you a tiny glimpse of way back in October.
My very first crocheted garment - for a child at that!!!

The major part was finished, it just needed a trim.  I was going on measurements, added a bit for the girls growth, as I assumed, like most Australian children, that she would do a bit of growing over our summer months.  So I waited, and waited for DD3 to try it on her, to fine tune it.  It took till January to try it on!!
The sleeve needed adjustment but it fitted her, but only just!

So I have been thinking and thinking and so this .......

became this ........

So back to square one
And I have two to make - oh my
And no access to either girl to try on (one lives on the other side of Australia)
And only 3 months to do it in now !!!!

The challenges we set for ourselves

So no more thinking, I must start crocheting!!!!!

As a postscript -

This weekend is the anniversary of Black Saturday.
For those who were affected, my thoughts are with you at this most difficult time.
May all go well with you this year

Bye for now

Monday, 1 February 2010

Watch out

I am now an empty-nester

For the first time in 28 years there are no children sharing our house

For the first time since I have been with hubby (about 12 years) there are no children living with us

Now what to do with myself - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Just might have to clean up the mess

BTW - don't worry I won't feel like I will get upset and start missing them or go all psycho mentally cause ...




two lots of them are just over the road and the others we see nearly every week or two