Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Crochet laugh

Hi everyone

Firstly thank you to all for the kind thoughts with the coming funeral, which is tomorrow.

Secondly, I won another blog give-away before Christmas and I did not get the chance to say thank you or show my lovely gift.  It was from another Maria's blog, Cats, Crafts & Penguins.  The name caught my attention initially and then when I found out her name was Maria!!!   Well, I had to read further

Thank you so much Maria for the very lovely cosmetic purse and gorgeous card that came with it.  I received it  on 23rd December, but I could not wait 2 days to open it.  So I opened it then and there.  How pretty is it!!!!

Thirdly, the following came through Knit4Charities group and while I had a laugh I thought others might too.  Enjoy!!!

"Hooks & Humor: Funny Crochet Definitions

by Cindy Long

Do those crochet terms and abbreviations have you stumped? Read on...

Pattern: A set of written instructions that may or may not result in creating the object in the picture. Most patterns include a list of supplies, but this is for your amusement only. After all, Amazonian Rhesus yarn in smoky turquoise does not exist, and cannot be obtained. Patterns also have fun-to-do math problems, such as 1 dc in next 7 dc (34 dc made)?!

Yo: Yarn Over, meaning you need to wrap your yarn over your hook. Of course, this assumes the yarn doesn't split, fray or tangle. If this happens, yo then stands for, "Yell Outrageously."

Dtrtrc: Double-treble- treble-crochet. This is a stitch where you yo four zillion times, insert hook in stitch and pull through the next two loops, repeating until all loops are off the hook, or until the end of time, whichever comes first.

Reverse sc: This stitch is the lefty's revenge on all of us righties - for once we have to work backwards, too! (This has got to be for Garden Bell)

Catalog: A dangerous device that hypnotizes crocheters. It lulls them into a catatonic state, causing them to spend the family's grocery money on patterns and yarn. It may also be an evil plot to cause the downfall of the American economy.

Hook: A device permanently attached to a crocheter's hand. It is also connected to her blood supply, and if for some reason it becomes dislodged from her hand, she breaks into a sweat and starts to feel faint. If the hook cannot be immediately replaced, the only valid substitute is a catalog (see above).

Yarn: The only reason sheep farms still exist! It's also what crocheters buy when they have money; if there's any cash left over, they buy food and clothes.

Doily: This seemingly innocent item looks like a table protector, but if someone actually tries to put a wet glass or an ashtray on it, the creator will instantly turn into a snarling Doberman. Use doilies at your own peril.

Cat: A non-mechanical device used for unraveling afghans, unwinding skeins and keeping one's lap warm. A cat requires daily maintenance in the form of light stroking.

Dog: Another non-mechanical device that is used for chasing down balls of yarn and putting tooth-mark engravings in wooden hooks. It's a high-maintenance item that does not store easily.
Baby: A valid excuse to crochet something.

Housework: An ancient rite that was performed by some B.C. women (Before Crochet). Historians believe it may have had something to do with a device called a "vacuum cleaner," which was kept in closets now occupied by yarn."

Bye for now


  1. As someone to whom crochet is still ineffable, that made me laugh!

  2. Oh how funny is that. I like the purse you won too, very cute.

  3. Very good crochet laugh (Hooks and Humor)! And the purse is lovely.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  4. Oh that is too funny! I've been guilty of the BC lately because all I have been doing is crocheting and No housework! Sorry to hear of the death in your family. Twyla

  5. Oh yeah the BC! That got me too. My house looks like a tip right now and here I am spending a few minutes blogging before I retire to the couch for a bit of crochet. I hope you have a wonderful, creative and inspiring 2010.

  6. Hi Maria I am trying to catch up as I have computer issues at the moment. I was sorry you ended the year with sad news and start the new one with a funeral, it has happened the me in the past, so I send you and your family my thoughts and condolences. On a happier note I love your crochet abbreviations especially the bc one!! Take care Kim x

  7. Afternoon Maria!
    Well wasn't this just great. I love the Crochet Laughs we've had this afternoon.
    Love the cosmetic purse too.
    Lucky girl.
    We will all be thinking of you tomorow. Sad day.
    Now, on a cheerier note.
    Try and fly over MARIA.
    I have something to show you and fellow Bloggers of course.
    You may all be interested!!!!!!!
    Hugs and lOve Suex

  8. Sorry to hear about your loss.

    Love this a totally agree with the last one....


  9. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Lucky you who lives in Australia. Have visited Melbourne twice (friend married to an australian), and I love the people and the country. Too bad it's very far away!

  10. LOL!!! Thanks for adding a bit of cheer to my day Maria!!! I love the blue perse, just gorgoeus..

    Take Care
    Jodie :)