Monday, 26 March 2012


That time again
This month I am supporting NSW Women’s Refuge
The co-ordinator/collector is a fellow blogger Aussie Knitting Threads
2012 Mar NSW Women's Refuge
2012 Mar NSW Womens Refuge 2
And I just managed to squeeze the Pimpeleisee Scarf/Shawl in
Pimp folded
And just so you know – No, I am not a speed crafter/knitter/crocheter
I do like having a variety of patterns to work
So I make them up and store them away for the right charity
Since I have supported this one before, I did have a little stock-pile
But note to myself – next year, make items for 4+ year olds
Not as many crafters for the LARGER sizes  Smile

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Email account

Hi everyone

Well I managed to save / resusitate my email account
I suggest that if you received spam from my account when it was hacked, that you change your password on your email account - just to be doubly sure

Please be aware that I DO NOT spend spam nor forward emails.  So if you receive one from me - DELETE immediately

I usually only comment on fellow blogger posts

Thank you to everyone for your patience while I rectified this problem

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hotmail Account Hacked

My apologies to anyone and everyone who may have received spam from me yesterday.


My Hotmail Account was Hacked!!!

  • I DO NOT spend spam!
  • And only in rare circumstances do I forward emails


Please be aware and delete them


I think I have done everything from my end to stop this

Friday, 9 March 2012

Tears …..

Tears of Joy
Funny saying
Very much an Oxymoron
But late yesterday, I experienced it

Yesterday afternoon
I became
a Grandmother
to a 3 week early
little (2.55kg / 5lb 6oz)
He is an 7th Generation Australian