Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Orange Fingerless Mitts

Hi everyone

I have found it intriguing that those in the northern hemisphere are seeing signs of spring.  While the southern hemisphere still has another good month or so of heat.  ☺  February is notorious for being the hottest summer month.  While we are not quite there yet, its living up to its reputation.  The days are over 30C/86F and so hot and so very sticky.  Humidity is sky high.  All windows open at night in the vain hope of a breeze or breath of wind.

I can barely knit or crochet.  A couple of rows and the yarn is sticking to my fingers and my body temp is soaring.  So any and all projects must be small.

So with the theme of quick projects.  I tested "First Project Fingerless Mitts" pattern for charities that will need them this winter.

A lovely, super quick knit.
Perfect for whipping a few pairs or more for the charities to come

I used 27g of 8ply/DK some scrap acrylic on 4mm needles
Only took an hour or so to make

Friday, 21 January 2011

By Jingo I think I got it!

Anyone remember this saying?  Do you remember what show/movie/TV series it was from?

This post has a lot to do with the shawl post back here
And when I found this pattern, I thought I had solved my problems

I really wanted a shawl, but they just don't seem to "sit" on me the way I want them to
I still haven't found a shawl pin to make it stay
This pattern and my mods. gives the impression of a shawl - well to me anyway :-)

But anyway I do have it - well I had it - an idea that worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Really needs all those exclamation marks)

Remember this and that I was not happy with the back

Well this got frogged back to the armholes and then I just kept working the pattern.
Joined a couple of "shells" under the arms to create a bat-wing effect

And Voila!!!
It worked.

Did I mention that I Love It?

The neck sits beautifully, as do the shoulders
And importantly so does the back

Pattern - Zen Jacket
Yarn - Silky Supreme by Bendigo Woollen Mills, Colour - Silky Oak
Beautiful yarn, even with the mohair in it, it feels very soft and silky.
This yarn has held up really well considering it was frogged almost fully twice and reworked three times.  Used 3 balls = 600g = 1,190m.  Although this sounds like a lot of weight, it does not feel heavy on.
Hook - 6mm

Modifications - Worked tr/dc instead of dtr/tr - only because I did not have to think about the stitch (memory lapses :-)).  I also wanted something that was not too lacy, so hence the tr/dc.  Also as noted above worked to the row where you create the armhole (did not do) and just kept working the pattern.

Easy pattern, if you just do as it is written and don't think too much about it.
That was a great tip I picked up from others who have worked this pattern (Ravelry)

Have a great weekend
And I hope those in Queensland and Victoria see a LOT of Sunshine to help dry things out
And that Western Australia has no more bush fires

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Washcloth or Bib KAL

Hi everyone

I have worked a few of Elaine from Down Cloverlaine's patterns for washcloths (haven't attempted the bibs).
Her patterns are simple, but oh so cute.
They make fantastic little gifts.
If anyone else is interested in joining in she has started a KAL for a new pattern.
Click on the link which you will see that she has just posted Day 2
Come along and join in with me  :-)

Just posted the P.I.F. gifts off this morning.  Sorry for the delay, been housebound waiting for repair and delivery people.

P.S. - Anyone else ever tried knitting or crocheting while on an exercise ball????
Boy am I getting a workout.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Blogging Community

Hi everyone

While perusing blogland (as you do when you are bored)
I came across this new one (to me anyway) - Cobweb and Catnips
Please drop in and say hello - just because
The lovely Mrs Danvers (as she titles herself) is a knitter, and such beautiful work too!

But the first post I read was a Crocheted Hexagon Blanket she has started - and you know how much I love Hexagon Blankets  :-).  You have to read the latest post on crochet she has just posted

Just love the way she writes her posts - had me giggling lots of times
Thank you Mrs Danvers

Friday, 14 January 2011


Hi everyone

Ready for a long story short??

For a long while now, years in fact, I have been admiring and day-dreaming over the beautiful shawls that you see in blogland and Ravelry.
I really do not like working with yarn below 8ply/DK, so I have been trawling and drooling over patterns.  Lined up so many in my queue it's ridiculous.
Some of them are crocheted but the majority are knitted.

Now it's not the lace that bothers me.
I know I can read a pattern (don't like charts) and understand what is needed.
My problem lies with ME!!!!!
I am not too sure that I can keep my attention span going over the length of some of those very, very, very long rows - most end up with well over 350-500 stitches.  Just not too trusting with my focus.  And I DISLIKE intensely frogging knitting.  No probs with crochet, so much easier to frog and pick up again.

But I am majorly drawn to the knitted patterns.

And then I found this pattern - Pimpelliese
  • I loved it - the 'v' is not too deep.
  • I could work it to what yarn I had (you work half the weight increasing, then the second half decreasing)
  • A simple 11 row pattern.  Which when I concentrated, instead of working multiple projects, I had 'down-pat' in no time at all.
  • And because its worked side-ways, there was not too many stitches to deal with
  • Can be worn as a shawl, scarf or wrap - wonderful
All extremely important points to me

Will definitely be re-working this pattern, and I can't wait to try it in a lighter weight yarn.
Yes, I know I said I prefer working with DK, but this is a slightly thicker than I would like to wear.
It just does not get that cold here.
And I think it would sit a even more better on me

So would you like to see it ????


All nicely folded so you can see the edge

Yes, you might be sick of this yarn.  I bought 10 balls of it very cheap for various charity projects.  Down to the last one now

Fully extended - well as far as my little arms can reach :-)

Just need a beautiful timber shawl pin!!!!  Or a FANTASTIC brooch
And yes I am being fussy - I will not buy this item over the Internet, as I really MUST see it and touch it - No luck so far

Luckily these are not my colours - so it will be gifted some time, probably a nursing home
Or even more likely now, it may be sent to Queensland.  Hopefully to cheer some one up.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pay It Forward

Hi everyone

Firstly, words seem so inadequate for the devastation that is affecting those in Queensland and Western Australia.  All I can think is a "pipe" dream, and that would be fantastic.  To pipe some of that water across to WA.  A great pity it can only be a dream.  My thoughts are with those affected by both disasters.

I do have family in Brisbane, but they are safe and relatively dry.

Luckily, about a week ago, Knit4Charities had already set up 2 lovely members, who are in the area affected, to receive items/donations.  These lovely ladies are able to make sure that the goodies are able to go directly to those who need it, people and animals.  Action I can do.

So eyes wiped and dried, I said I would draw out 3 names for "Pay It Forward".  Rather appropriate at the moment I think, as I believe there will be a lot of that going on in the affected areas.

So into my fishbowl went the names

Hubby drew the names out for me
First name

Josiekitten - The Woolly Adventures of a Knitting Kitty


So lovely ladies, can you please contact me directly with your postal addresses.  Except for Mrs Twins, that is, as I have posted off squares for SIBOL, I have yours.

Bye for now

Monday, 10 January 2011


Hi everyone

Well, while I may not have been posting much lately, lots of little projects and one large project, have been made around here.  So over time I will share those projects with you.  These projects are also shown in My Ravelry Page too - AussieMaria is my Ravelry username.

For now, the weather is warm and very sticky and humid with all the rain we have been having.  So projects that are small and quick are ideal.  I have been wanting to challenge myself, so this end .....

I am comfortable with a hook
I am comfortable with two needles
But, why oh why would I try Torture

A few years ago I did make a couple of pairs of socks.  After seeing all the hoo-ha in blogland, I had to find out for myself why all the accolades over handmade.  I did not use sock yarn then, just DK.  And while I liked the challenge in using DPN's, I really did not get much joy from it.  The first 5 rows or so of using DPN's was torture, but once it got going, I did love the rhythm and ease.

Sewing a project together at the end is not a problem to me.  Its part of my accomplishing and finishing the item.

So from the photo I am past the torture zone (BTW its not socks, but a babies beanie).  And I was a couple of rows into the pattern.  And I started worrying.  I have knitted with this yarn before and loved its self-patterning (sorry no photos as it was gifted before blogging).  And I started thinking that this particular pattern would not be seen with this yarn (now that word leads me to another thought), and just then I noticed ...... a dropped stitch

Ok enough, so it got frogged and became this from two needles

The yarn is Opal, either 5 or 6 ply.
The pattern was my own
So depending on the sex of the babies that are turning up this winter where it will go

Back to that thought above - until the last couple of years I only used the term "wool" for what I was using, no matter what it was acrylic etc.  Now I am a bit of a yarn snob and would only use wool anyway, so there was no problem.  Now I am expanding a bit (but still DISLIKE acrylics, LOVE natural fibres, except Mohair) I have slowly been changing my terminology to "yarn".

What term do you use?

Bye for now

P.S. - Last day to get your name down for the P.I.F. here

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Yes, Maria, there is a Santa Claus

Hi everyone
Yes I am still kicking around.  My apologies to those who may have been popping in and finding me MIA.

The end of December is just way too big for me to handle and I could not find time to post, let alone work out where to start a post.  Hubby was off work from Xmas Eve, Xmas Day with his family, Boxing Day spent with our kids and their husbands/partner, 27th was Hubby's grandfathers 90th, another major milestone snuck in (and I am not one bit happy about it) and then New Years.  Way too much activity for me

Anyway, back to my title
Lookee what I received on Xmas Eve from the lovely Kim at Kimbles At Home

Aren't they just lovely
And Kim designed and made them herself
Thank you so much Kim
They were both put to good use over the last week and they certainly added decorative value to the kitchen and my home (didn't put a tree up, just a few tiny knicks and knacks)
And I felt so sure that there was no way the postal services would get it here in time - loved to be proved totally wrong on this count ☺

Now Kim sent me these wonderful items in the spirit of P.I.F. - Pay It Forward.
The expression "pay it forward" is used to describe the concept of asking that a good turn be repaid by having it done to others instead.  There is also a wonderful movie by that title.  If you haven't seen it, then put it high on your must watch list.  Just make sure some tissues are handy.  I loved it and the concept when I saw it many years ago.

And it is now my turn to spread the love
So I will choose three (3) lovely people who leave a comment on this post, to pass a small gift on to.
I will make pick the lucky giftees (by random) on the 11 January, a week away and funnily enough 11-1-11

I have a lot of little things to show everyone, but that can wait for another post