Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cotton......... Dreams........

Hi everyone

While there has been lots of knitting going on lately, mainly for charities, my fingers have been crying out to do some crochet.

I have the yarn - Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply Cotton,  purchased gradually over 6 months
I had an idea of what I wanted it to turn into.
But I am a pattern follower, a bit of one I liked, a bit of another, and another.
Then I was not too sure about the colours I chose, it was limited, and not quite what I had in mind.
Then I kept thinking of what else I could make with this beautifully soft cotton

Round, and round, and round, I have been going for this 6 months
Until the urge became so strong, I just had to crochet
Stick with the original idea of bits of this and that

This is only the first part of the process and I don't like working it this way - Normally
But its great this time

This is turning out to be a 'different' project for me
Just in the way the process is working

You can also see in glimpse in the photo of a small knitting project, a pair of Pocketbook Slippers for a charity.
And another Kate Morton book (do you remember this one, The Forgotten Garden), only started it yesterday and I'm almost half way.  I love her style.  I love it so much, I went and got the hardcover of her latest "The Distant Hours".  I was hanging out till next month to get it in paperback, but when it was so cheap, as much as normal paperbacks, how could I resist
Back when I was younger, I always bought hardcovers of my favourite books. They keep much better than paperbacks, and I am always careful with books.

Now to the dreams
I have been sleeping very, very, very badly lately and last night, after hours of tossing and turning, I had a mixed up dream of a PS3 Assasins Creed Brotherhood style game
it involved crochet and knitting, projects and puzzles
I woke up with a grin on my face
Wish I could remember it, maybe I could have patented it and made a fortune

By the time you are reading this, a very long held dream of mine will be coming true.

I will have visited every state and territory, even if only briefly, on mainland Australia!!!!
Much like some of my ancestors
But that's another entirely different post

I will be in the wonderful state of Tasmania - Hobart mainly!!!!

BTW - Happy Easter and a thoughtful Anzac Day

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Guess what..........!!!!!

Yes, I'm wildly excited and very happy

I have been reading Jodie from Jellywares blog for a long time.
She is a lovely lady with a beautiful family
Recently she opened a shop in Cobar which sells yarn
Pity its a bit of a hike for me to visit, otherwise I could see me making fortnightly (ok weekly) visits.

While watching a video she uploaded to her blog last week, I spotted something which got me very, very excited.
Jodie mentioned that she was working on a project made with Malabrigo sock yarn.
Now this yarn has been on my radar for a very long time.
The reports from various crafty blogs has been overwhelmingly positive

But what really caught my eye was the colour she showed - a blue
Yes, I know, this is not one of my normal colours
But lately, I keep being drawn to various shades of blue to blue-greeny colours
Just not NAVY - Ugghhhh (an old school colour which turned me off)

So I jumped straight into an email and asked if she had anymore of that yarn in that colour
Yes, was her reply
So I acted fast

Now postage in Australia is expensive.  Its usually cheaper to fill up PostPaks to get full value
So I did

This is what the ever so helpful, Jodie, sent me  :-)))))

Blatant advertising - Jellywares Business Card in front
Malabrigo Azules - so soft and squishy
Malabrigo Terracotta - ditto
Jodie squeezed in some Beautiful buttons that blend perfectly with the Azule
And a very cute gift card - fantastic idea


So guess what I have been doing while waiting (only a very small time) for this scrumptiousness to appear????
That's right perusing Ravelry for patterns - and now I am even more confused
I could just play with the yarn for a while, but I'd rather wear it  :-)

Any suggestions?????

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Tuva III

and a quick third Tuva
So she can look great at work  :-)

Details here

Totally enjoying working these hats in the round
Except for the fiddly last couple of rounds with the YO's

Friday, 15 April 2011

Tuva II

Hi everyone

Well here is D3's new Tuva

Modified as per her request - smaller depth & accessory

Photo was taken under sufferance   :-)

Details here

Now I just have to make a comment about this yarn

It is glorious!!!
Soft, smooth, a delight to work with

It is Bendigo Woollen Mills Melody
Shade - Crimson
A mix of Cashmere, Merino & Microfibre

Just wish they had more variety in colours
But I will find a way to work with what they do have  ;-)
Hopefully, they continue to make it
Only a small batch was made  :-(

And guess what????
Yep, another one is one the needles as per her request

Happy Mum here

Monday, 11 April 2011

Jade Tuva

The photo on Ravlry for this gorgeous little slouch hat has been constanly grabbing my eye and attention.
I can see D3 wearing it
Just have to wait and see if she likes it
So you will have to make do with Pooh!

Details here

And yes, I knit this on circulars in the round too!!!

Love, love, love doing it this way
Except for the first few rows and the last few rows on dpn's - fiddly

UPDATE - D3 loved it and she asked for another one, same pattern, but a few little mods
She works in the Fashion Industry and apparently its 'IN'
But the ones in her store are too big for her - so Mum is called in  - YEAH!!!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Unblocked but loving


She had a day out at the Golden Slipper
And I was so glad she was there

Close up of ????
Yep, you guessed it
The reason she was made


All details can be found here

BTW - Pop in and say hi or connect with "friends button"

Also, thank you all for your very kind words and compliments on my COTM post.
Just to clarify, I only post about it to gain awareness for Knit 4 Charities group (link on the right)
The more the merrier
And the karma will go round n round

Friday, 1 April 2011


is an acronym  :-)
I love acronyms
While driving we make up titles, sayings etc from number plates
One of my favourites is an Australian company
Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Service

Anyways, COTM means
Charity Of The Month through K4C, Knit 4 Charities

Here is what I sent off for one of this months, NSW Womens Refuge
Some of these you may have seen before

A couple of toddler ponchos, one with matching beanie,  a toddler jacket, 2 baby beanies, and 2 adult beanies
Amazing what you can squish into a 500g post pak

Also made this for an upcoming charity

The Surreybelle Scarf
Quick, easy and fun
Mine is 8cm x 150cm, but it can very easily be made wider
Details here

I have also been whipping up these with scraps of yarn as they only take about 5g
It is for another upcoming charity and it was started as a KAL
Another acronym :-)  Knit A Long

Little fishies
Which one lovely lady is going to join into a blanket for St Giles Children
There are a few samples and ideas on Ravelry to show what it can look like
One here

And I still have not shown you my latest creation
Seem to have blocking block  :-)
Might just have to get a photo as it is

And for one last acronymn I just made up - AFD
Have fun pranking on April Fools Day

Anyone else have favourite acronymn's?