Tuesday, 25 October 2011



I have had an idea stewing in the background for a while using Elaine from Down Cloverlaine's patterns.
She has a few new patterns out lately - which, by the way, she shares for free.
When I saw them, I knew immediately that I would be knitting two of them

Koala Cloth - details here

Baby Joey - details here

As for the idea - well, it needs a bit more stewing

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Almost Wordless Weekend

Hunter Valley Chocolates
which is right in front of Petersens Wines (Champagne of course)

Accommodation - The Carriages


Choir Boys

Thirsty Merc
(from the big screens)

By the time Meatloaf came on stage it was dark and very, very wet - as in the rain had set in
So my poor little camera had a very hard time taking this shot (the best of about 20!)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Field Wonderful

Well Allison, from Field Wonderful, certainly made me feel wonderful, when I received these beautiful goodies in the mail from a recent give-away that she ran

I have never used this yarn before and it feels wonderful
And thank you so much for the little packet - any guesses what's in it?
I must say Allison, you must have a little ESP going
As these particular items have been on my mind of late, searching, searching, searching
Very, very handy for me

P.S - Just noticed that it is Canadian Yarn - my very first and goes well with my fascination with Canada and north - very happy  :-))

Thank you for the lovely parcel, Allison

And this lot is off to Brisbane for K4C (sidebar) COTM - PIPA

Many of these projects you will already have seen, others have been stockpiling to make the postage worthwhile, especially as it just went up 20%

Got to love making preemie outfits, its a fantastic stash-buster!

PS - Glad you liked the Anzac Slice recipe like I did  :-)