Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Old is New Project

Hi everyone

It seems a few of you are lucky owners of some of these precious Heirlooms of our Past.
Me, well there was a LARGE group of families who all seemed to being having girls, so we just kept passing our child's 'best' clothing around n around n around
Funny that I never kept anything, especially as I love "old things"  :-)

Just thought you might like an update on my "Old is New" project

The completed set is from Patons 1283 Heirloom 4ply Collection
The yarn is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Cleckheaton Bamboo 4ply
So soft, lovely sheen and such beautiful drape (which I hope you can see below)

Details here

I have decided to set myself a little challenge
To complete at least one pattern from each of my vintage pattern books
As you will see, I will be picking the baby patterns, mainly because they are so quick and oh so cute

Anyone else feel up to the challenge of digging around in your old patterns and completing one, or two, or .......?
No rules, anything goes
Ok, sorry - one rule
Please blog about it so that I can see your lovely projects
And find those lovely old pattern books

And just another quickie here
This lot is off to Tassie
To be made up with other squares into blankets for "Betty's City Kitchen"

This is a challenge on Knit 4 Charities A-Long

Thursday, 25 August 2011

New or Old, Old or New

Hi everyone
This post will have to have a few photos to explain the story.

Recently I have wanted to do some lace knitting, but only small projects, what better than baby items.  There is always a charity that can use them throughout the year.  So I thought I would build up my stocks and be ready for them.

And for the crocheteers that visit, well I have been trying to work those beautiful lace baby clothes, but for some reason I struggle with the first few rows.  The sizing seems way off no matter what yarn or hook I try.  But I will soldier on, as there is one pattern in particular that I want to make, for sentimental reasons  :-) It was a gift for my babies, and I loved it.

So saw this pattern book and thought "that's a good start"

And yes, it does have one very cute crochet jacket too, if I can master the starting size issue.

Decided that this pattern would be a good intro back into the world of lace and babies - well it has been 30 years  :-)

I would like to share with you a little something I have a LARGE love of - old patterns and clothing.
So using this Heirloom pattern reminded me to have a look for a particular old pattern book I was after.
Ended up buying 4 of them  :-)
This was the one I was after

For this pattern, as I made 2 of them, one for each first/second born  :-)

And then I spotted this  :-)

Funny how some things just keep popping back in to grab your attention

Also spotted this, which I remember making, but just can't remember who for, lots of water under the bridge.

 And no, I have NEVER had this pattern book.  But I have had a few Patons Pattern Books!!

I am curious as to how some of these patterns were ever knitted.  The photos I have shown you are quite large and clear compared to a lot of the patterns in the other books.  It would be guess work, or just loving a pattern name as to which to knit

There are a couple of crochet patterns too, if anyone is interested in having a look-see

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Crochet Toddler Fashion

"Up-to-the-minute play suit (top, pants and sun bonnet) in easy Granny Squares" c1971
And there is more where that came from  :-)

Well I did laugh when I saw it too
But then I made this

I thought this idea might work well with children of various ages for charity
Details here
And the pattern is here where you can see one that is in action and way drapeyier(?) than mine

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Quiet but busy hands

I'm still here
Just not very talkative (in general)
But busy fingers
So here are a few little projects
As a little gift for a friend who is a NRL Tiger supporter

When hubby saw this for the first time (may be the only time) he requested one for himself
BTW - I have made other items in the past for hubby, but he is a very warm person and mainly lives in T-shirts with a very light jacket in winter.

A scarf - just because
Close Ups of the pattern at above link

And if your remember way back here and this little mess
One person guessed right
And I finally found the missing item

Now he/she is hiding in the flowers (will be when the weather warms up) because I can't decide if its name is Kenny Koala, will need pants; or Katie Koala, will need pinafore