Thursday, 18 February 2010

Goals and Challenges

Good morning to all or few

Now you should know that I crochet/knit for an Australian group - Knit 4 Charities for the last 6 months or so.  I believe that charity starts at home and I like keeping my hands and mind busy.  This gives me a chance to try out new patterns and items that will fit SOMEBODY.

Well, Sue from Mrs Twins has a goal in memory of her grandmother in which she wishes to make blankets for the elderly.  She asked if anyone could help her with this by making 6 inch squares.

So I found some yarn in my stash.  And thinking you just never know what colours may send someone down memory lane, I put some bold colours together.

Here are the ones I sent off to Sue this week.

The ones below were to experiment with different patterns I had found on the net

Now if anyone else would like to help out Sue, please go to her blog and let her know.

Now then as to Kate from The Garden Bell challenge - the granny square jacket!!!!

What a magnificent job she did with hers.  I already had some ideas in place before viewing hers.  But could I fit it in with the other projects I have on the go at the moment - Slippers With Souls (6 down, 2+ more to go), Stash squares for charity blankets, 2 Flower Girl items, D1's throw and then my beautiful Colinette.

Is there enough hours in the day?
Can I find the right colour combination for me?
Is my idea going to work?

Well, you will just have to wait and see.  I am nowhere as quick as Kate in making up items, so it may be a little while before you see any hint of progress or even a start.  But challenges, unfortunately I usually accept them and then complain about lack of time  ;-))))))))))))


  1. Your crochet squares look great and I love the color combinations you used too. I am off to take a peek at the websites you mentioned.

  2. i love the colors together, the squares look great, she will love them!

  3. Lovely colours remind me of the sea and Sydney harbour. I think they are lovely and the different patterns are very interesting. Hope you make a jacket like Kate's. It will be interesting to see how it looks in another colour.

  4. Hi Maria, I love the colour combination of your squares. Sue will be delighted with them. You have loads of projects on the go which is brilliant - I seem to be struggling to find time to pick up a hook at the mo!!! some weeks are like that, could do with an extra couple of hours in the day!!!!! **Kim**x

  5. I love the colours of these squares... I love testing new square patterns and colour.

  6. Lovely combination of colours.
    You squares are beautiful. Lucky Sue!

    My tip of the day: one thing at a time....

    ~X~ Karin

  7. Too sweet. Thanks for the V.O. plug. Take it one square at a time and before you know it, you will have the 68.

    Love the colors you are sending off to Sue. Sure hope one of my silly sqares ends up next to yours.

    Have a good one -

    Kate - The Garden Bell

  8. That is a lovely colour combination, Maria.

    I know the feeling of too many projects, not enough time!! LOL

  9. Glad to see the circle in a square pattern wotked out it looks lovely in your colours

    Louise xx

  10. I did pop over the other day but no time to comment., I'm back now. I just cant wait for your squares. Today I was finishing the second blanket then working out the 3rd. No, I thought I'll wait for Maria and Elizabeth Cat this week for definite. So I can include you both. If anyone elses squares arrive that will be a bonus too. I just cant wait to get my handies on these they are such wonderful colours.
    Thankyou for adding them to Flickr pool. Blankets for the Elderly 2010.
    I really appreciate your help Maria, I'll let you know as soon as they arrive!
    Many thanks.

  11. These are excellent. Very Beautiful. Love the colors. I really want Sue to put one of mine next to one of yours. From one side of the globe so close to another. This whole blogland buddie thing makes the world seem so much smaller and closer. True friends.

    Happy Sunday
    Kate - The Garden Bell - <3 <3 <3