Friday, 12 February 2010

Vegemite and insects and ideas

Hi everyone

Kate from The Garden Bell was asking about our Vegemite

Vegemite used to be Australian owned and made.  Unfortunately as you can now see it is owned by an American company - Kraft.  Quite a large number of Aussies were very upset when they heard that it was being bought by an overseas company ( me included).  It was ours and should have stayed ours.  But money won in the end like it usually does.  So for a while there a lot of Aussies black-banned Vegemite in silent defence.  Now they are trying to muck around with it and introduced "Cheesybite" - Yuk.  Can't change a great thing.  This a photo of my baby Vegemite (150g).  When my girls were little I needed the large one (400g)

Not every Aussie loves Vegemite - my hubby is one that hates it, but he does not like any spread on his toast either.

I love Vegemite on my toast, spread like this, not like in the commercials where its usually very thick and black

This is pretty well my standard breakfast and is really the only way I use Vegemite.  I remember my Nan used to make the best gravy by mixing Vegemite with the juices from the roast and maybe a bit of water.

Vegemite dates back to 1922 when a young chemist developed a spread from brewers yeast, which is naturally rich in Vitamin B

This is the ad on TV that I remember from childhood.  There is an older black & white version with children marching, which I think it is the original.

Vegemite sandwiches for school lunch is pretty standard, especially in our very hot weather.  Nothing to melt or go soggy.  Vegemite and cheese sandwiches are great too. 

As to its taste, well it is unique, I don't know of anything to compare it to.  I would not describe it as salty, but it is a savory spread.

Another Aussie came to visit yesterday

A cicada!

Did not expect to see one up here so high and no trees directly around me.  Boy are there heaps and heaps of them around at the moment with the heat and then the noise it becomes louder than any rock concert you have ever been to

Now you have seen what became of my flower-girls cardi's here.  And when I don't know what to do I reach for the stash my MIL gave me and crochet or knit things for the charity group, Knit 4 Charity.  I like doing this as it allows me to try new patterns and styles, no criticism and it is sure to fit someone.  Next month is for a Womens Refuge and they wanted some ponchos which I have never made.

Now this has given me an idea for the flower-girls.  Yeah!!!!!


  1. That was sooo interesting for me believe it or not. A fun fact to know. I had no idea Kraft owned them. I agree that things like this should be well enough left alone. Plus, Krafts big product over here is Mac and Cheese. I imagine they are using the same ickie cheese stuff in the cheesimite spread. I agree, black-banned {black-ball} it. I know we took the fries from the French, but a least we got those right... chuckle-chuckle. I'm still not sure I'm ready to try this spread....We shall see, if I spot a jar in the international market, I might give it a whirl.. a small whirl, but a whirl. I can always pass it onto Scooter, as he tastes anything. Even cicadia sammies, only kidding. They are here too, nasty, noisie boogers aren't they.

    Kate - The Garden Bell - <3
    <3 = Heart
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  2. P.S. I got so wrapped up in the food thing. I forgot to tell you how much I loved the poncho.

    Must be dinner time.

    Chicken Gyros {greek} Salad

  3. Years ago I serviced the Kraft General Foods account for my insurance company. I have been to their headquarters in Chicago many times to meet with their benefit folks. That brings back many memories for me living in the Chicago area and all the friends I use to work with for so many years. Many of our companies have been sold to foreigners so we know how you feel. Is this product only sold down under? I had never heard of it.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  4. Erk! One of the worst foods I have ever tasted (along with rabbit, kangaroo and offal of any kind!) And I am Aussie - born on ANZAC Day to prove it!!

  5. In Britain we have MARMITE it's made from yeast extract so I suppose it is related to Vegemite.
    Kraft has bought Cadburys (chocolate company) in UK which is making chocolate loving Brits a bit upset!
    What did you do with the nice wool in the end ?

    Louise x

  6. Hi Maria, I think the same as Louise - it must be similar to Marmite and as the saying goes over here "you either love it or hate it!" yes and Kraft has just bought our precious Cadburys and lots of Brits upset cos they have already announced that they are closing one of the factories! Love the poncho reminds me of making and wearing them in the 70's, so warm and snuggly.! **Kim**x

  7. Oh my favourite is Vegemite, Cheese & Lettuce Sandwiches.

    Love the Poncho.

  8. I hate the stuff personally. Yes, we are all upset about Cadburys only down the road from me. We don't like to think its been taken over.
    I love the poncho. I was just stopping by. YOu know I thought I left a comment the other day. But for some reason it's not showing up.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog Maria. Please be sure to stop by tomorrow. Exciting photos!
    Happy Valentines Day,
    Hugs and Love Suex

  9. Hi Maria,
    Your comments are much appreciated! I'm so pleased you liked the blanket, colourful international blanket you said the other day! You're right its come from all over the world and its been such a pleasure to do.
    I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Bit daunting at first I have to add but once I actually started things started moving and I was pleased.

    Your squares too will be most welcome! I have enough for another two blankets at the moment, I do hope I can do lots more. Let's see. I've really got such a kick out of doing it.

    Hugs and Love Suex and thanks !

  10. L O V E my vegemite on toast for breakfast and grilled cheese and vegemite sandwiches! Best food ever - of course first timers should spread it super thin, otherwise I can see how you could be turned off by it :-)

  11. What a lovely blog and beautiful crochet!