Friday, 1 October 2010


My mind is a whirlwind at the moment
If you care to join me, please read on
But you have been warned

From the start
I have the yarn, it is a beautiful soft Australian cotton
I had an idea
But I wanted to test it first - just to be sure
So I pulled out some gifted acrylic to try

This is the pattern or picture I used for my idea
But I only worked trebles/dc's

Ok, so my idea worked and I am happy with it
But I would prefer another row of white

Then Crochet with Raymond's Mandala kept popping up
Kept playing with my mind

Even Scotty's Place is having a give-away that involves these Mandala's
Pop on over and check it out

And of course, hubby pipes up and says "Why don't you make a circle blanket"

So I just had to - didn't I
But not another new project
Oh no!!!!
So I added it to this

Another one that I am happy with
But I have just noticed that I have a wavy thing going on
So a bit of work required when working this big

And what has prompted this
Well D3's friend has just found out that she is having a girl
And I gave her this, which was made a while ago
Just in case ☺

Just a plain granny square in a lovely, squishy, soft cotton

Perfect for an end of summer/autumn baby

Ok, so what did I decide on???????

Well, that's another story ............ ☺ ☺

I did warn you

For those in Australia - have a great long weekend
And I hope your footy team wins - whichever code it is
Enjoy all the bbq's and socialising


  1. I love your "whirlies", the trim in white is so crisp and clean! The baby blanket is a dear! They'll treasure it!

  2. I really like your whirlwinds! And the orange and white look great together. What Aussie cotton do you have? I find it so hard to get 100% cotton.

  3. That looks pretty! The orange & white looks very refreshing!

  4. I love what you did with the hexagons!

    Shame on me for not clicking your follow button a long time ago - I meant to. Now I do!

  5. very pretty an dlove the orang& white!