Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sur-prise!!!! Sur-prise!!!! Sur-prise!!!!

Hi everyone

I received mail yesterday.  "So what" your saying.
Well, for one thing it wasn't a bill!!!!!! Yeah.
Secondly, it came across the seas to me!!!

So I opened the plain brown envelope and found this ....

That was enough to make me smile
My favourite red mixed with a rainbow of cottons
Who is Alison???
Pop on over here and say Hi to Alison at Alisonb2
A very lovely lady whose favourite colour is Purple, lots and lots of colour and craft!!!!

But the note?????
What did it mean
Well I just had to find out
So I opened the wrapping and .......
opened the wrapping and .....
opened the wrapping and .....

By this time I am giggling, I know what Alison meant
But I also had to explain to hubby why I am stopping and taking photos
So he had a quick run-down on blogland etiquette

So what's next?????

And what's inside the violet paper?????
To be honest, I didn't care
I felt like a toddler - far happier with the paper than caring what was inside ☺

But I did open it

Wonderful, tiny, bright, gorgeous rainbow buttons
Of course they have rainbow cotton with them

Ideas are spinning - what to do!!!
No rush, I can just admire for a long, long time - if I want

Thank you so much Alison for such a wonderful consolation gift
I haven't moved them from my coffee table, so I can keep looking at the wonderful colours

I hope your day is filled with rainbows and sunshine
(Unfortunately, Alison's gift is as close as I can get to sunshine here today)


  1. Your most welcome! x

  2. I love parcels, I know it brings out the child in me, but I don't care :))
    The colours are wonderful, bright and happy... what a great way to start the day ..:))

  3. Any time the postie brings something other than a bill is a wonderful day! I bet that was a lovely surprise! The colours are so bright & happy!

  4. What a wonderful surprise!!! Such a thoughtful gift!

  5. What a lovely colourful surprise! x

  6. what a glorious parcel - you are so patient unwrapping a sheet at a time - thanks for hsaring it with us - it is a lovely way to send a present!

  7. Oh how gorgeous , I would have loved all that pretty wrapping too !

  8. Beautiful beautiful Maria!
    What fun you'll have!
    Hugs Suex

  9. What a great treat to have come through the door! Really colourful, i love it. Have fun choosing what to do with your buttons and thread!

  10. Oh, Lucky you. That was a great wrapping job.

  11. Pretty buttons. How will you use them? The paper colours are hypnotic aren't they?

  12. What a fabulous runner up prize. I just love buttons!!!! Glad they brightened your day. It's been freezing her in the UK today. Ros