Saturday, 16 October 2010

SALE!!!!! SALE!!!!! SALE!!!!

Hi everyone

Just a quick little post, just opened my mail and found that

Bendigo Woollen Mills has their SALE!!! on now

The yarn whether cotton, merino or alpaca is Australian yarn
And remember their balls are 200g!!!

Wonderful prices

And orders over $30 are free delivery - not sure about overseas
Sale ends 30th Nov 2010

So pop on over - I will definitely be stash enhancing

I already had an order in my head prior to receiving this mail

BTW - I am not connected with the Mills, just a lover of their yarn and had to share

You can click on the tag "Bendigo Woollen Mills" to see what I have made with their yarn, but I am not showing what is in the stash - just in case hubby reads ☺

Link is in right hand side or above

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. ohhhhh, see what happens when you go to hospital! I'm sure my husband would hide the envelope. off to do some shopping now! I also feel the need to say my blog isn't sponsored by bendigo but boy I love it!

    thanks for the heads up,

  2. Thanks for that info Maria, I have been wanting to buy more wool.. So here is my chance.. have great weekend.:))

  3. I have already purchased some blush cotton but I am hoping to make another order later on. BWM is always great value and so good to knit with.

  4. I've just been sitting here fondling that cotton swatch card and trying to make decisions. Bndigo doesn't sponsor my blog but the amount I've been spending with them lately makes me feel like I almost sponsor theirs.

  5. Excellent - I have been wishing to buy some of the cotton for ages - like Kate I have my swatch at hand :)
    I have a huge list of kids summer tops I would love to make (including that lovely tunic you showed a couple of weeks ago for Hermann).