Thursday, 14 October 2010

Smoothie Sunshine

Hi everyone

Well we finally had a bit of sunshine this morning, but even while I type clouds are rolling over it.  Not rain clouds at the moment, but they are predicted.  So as I was lucky enough to have finished the blanket and have a small glimpse of sun, I took some photos

While you can't "see" the pattern with the varigation, you do get the feel for the basket-weave effect.

The pattern I used is from Project Linus (an American organisation I think), pattern name is Sideways Shell Baby Afghan, pattern here or if your on Ravelry (which is where I was able to see the stitch) here

I used Patons Smoothie DK with a 5mm hook

Now for whatever reason, I have trouble with foundation chains.
They do not stretch, they twist, they do not give the neat start I require.
So I modified the pattern by doing a Foundation Double Crochet (sc for USA) row
And it works beautifully - for me anyway ☺
My Foundation Dc Row is 120 stitches

Measurements - 90 x 90 cm

This is a super simple, little thinking, soothing (for me) pattern
And it looks wonderful!!!
Well, unless you make your own, you will have to take my word for it.
It shows up much better with solid colours

Now I'm not complaining, rain after a drought that has gone on for so lllllllooooooonnnnnnnggggg is extremely welcome.
But please a little bit of sunshine in between is great for the soul

I know, I know, won't be long and the permanent heat will be here

We celebrated D3's daughter yesterday and I was going to show you the results of Lady Helsie's World's Easiest Chocolate Cake, but there were not even crumbs left over
So the families verdict is

Bye for now


  1. Your crochet work is beautiful, I love the colours..
    The weather is not sure what to do, looks like more rain over the east coast.. Good crochet weather.. :))
    P.S thanks for the links...

  2. Beautiful work and the colors work really well.

  3. That blanket looks lovely Maria. The colour suits it too.
    This weekends weather looks like it will be perfect for some knitting/crochet! enjoy the sun while you can :)

  4. That blanket looks very nice and I'm going to go and look at the pattern. Do you think a beginner like me would be up to it yet? Perhaps not. I have a lot of trouble with foundation chains and my work always ends up like a triangle instead of a square !!!
    Glad you liked the chocolate cake!

  5. Lovely blanket Maria and I love that stitch will have to look that one up! At least once the hot weather hits your resevoirs will be full! x

  6. OOh my goodness great work here Maria.
    I just love this pattern.
    I love the colours,
    have a great weekend!
    Love Suex

  7. Love the blankie, Smoothie is so nice when it's made up, isn't it? (Just so annoyingly splitty on the way!) Love the texture of the stitch pattern - thanks for the links.
    Caz :)