Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hi there

Hi everyone
Yes it is Sunday morning, so why am I here?
Well, hubby left while it was dark this morning to play golf and I thought I would catch up with blog-world.

Now I do have something to show you, but the weather has been overcast for almost 2 weeks now.  And I really think it has gotten confused and thinks it is now Autumn, a little cool, not Spring, a little warm.  ☺

I wanted to take a nice, sunshiney photo, but it seems to be going against me - so you will have to just get a glimpse of it.
Now before I show you, I will tell you the story ....... didn't I mention something about that in the last post
 ☺ ☺☺

About a month ago I mentioned that I was not alone in the hospital waiting room crocheting.  So while us ladies chatted and compared notes - I really admired her lovely pattern, which was for a baby blanket.  She could not remember the name, so I tried to work it out by looking at it - Nope, not my forte!!!!  I could not follow what she was doing - I was chatting and working on my project at the same time - I'm just not that talented ☺  She did mention it was really easy and was always her fall-back pattern.

So I have been scouring the net, but unfortunately I really needed to see a close up of the stitches to confirm I had the right pattern - it took me a few weeks of searching to find that close up - came close lots of times, but was never quite sure.  Then I spotted a close-up of some-ones project on Ravelry - Yahoo!!!!  I found it.

Now hubby's cricket season has started and this has become a perfect, no actually PERFECT, pattern to work
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I will show you a little glimpse
Eventually .......

Firstly, I am working this in Paton Australia's Smoothie - an acrylic which is not usually my choice.
It has been discontinued and a bargain is a bargain
And I was very surprised how soft and squishy and SMOOTH!!!  this yarn is
Ok all good so far
But there is one drawback, and for me a MAJOR one
See if you can spot it in the photo ....

Yep, it sure is splitty
Lucky I'm using a slightly rounded head crochet hook
I still have to be careful that all the strands are looped
This would be so difficult knitting or crocheting with a pointy head

You really can't see the pattern too well with this yarn, but it is still working up so lovely
It looks like a basket-weave when done in one colour - another project which I will definitely be starting shortly in more male colours, or in neutral colours

As today is D3's hubby's birthday and D3's is on Wednesday, I am off to have lunch with them and D2 and partner and a whole lot of other invitee's.
Eventually hubby will join us to
But he will miss out on the scrumptious lunch

Hope you all enjoy your day of rest


  1. It looks lovely and I hope you can show us the big reveal soon.

  2. Hello Maria,
    Thanks for the links to Charity groups. My CWA group knits rugs for charity so I will probably give the rugs to them . They also have lots of wool donated so from now on I will use their wool and only buy yarn for my rug when I start it.
    I love the colours in your new project so am anxiously waiting to see it.

  3. Gotta love when they go out to hit a few rounds of golf. Love this pattern, so far... but my friend please show us more soon.

    Fore....playing through.....

  4. I am staring at that stitch-pattern trying to work it out! (And I've got no hope!) It looks really interesting, though, looking forward to hearing more about it. And yes, Patons Smoothie is sooooo smooth - almost silky - but, yes, soooooooooo annoyingly SPLITTY!

  5. yuk, splitty yarn - i have a cotton i'm working with now and it seems to take ever sticth twice as long to manouver over the hook.
    it's a lovely colour, and looks like a great texture. Good luck with finishing it without launching it !

  6. Can't wait to see the whole project; this glimpse you showed makes one curious. I can imagine you looking for the pattern, as it really looks great.
    groetjes, Dorien

  7. I know what you mean when you say the yarn splits.
    I had that trouble with the baby shawl, but wasn't going to let it get the better of me.. I think you will be very pleased with it.. I love the colour too. Will be waiting for the pic :))

  8. Enjoyed the post Maria.
    I love the look of the yarn,
    brilliant colours.
    Such an interesting pattern,
    Love Suex

  9. It does look like a very complicated pattern. Well done you for finding it! The colour of the yarn is really lovely.

  10. Maria the pattern looks so interesting! I find splitty yarn annoying too and that yarn does look splitty!! Lovely post Maria!x