Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Last Friday night ....

Hi everyone

Well I thought you might like to see where I went and what I saw last Friday night.

Travelled to Homebush Bay (Sydney Olympic Park) with D3 to see this

D3's hubby was a cast member,
so we were lucky enough to get free seats.

Warning - this is a stadium, I don't have a super-dooper zoomy camera, a lot of things moved very quickly and it frequently was dark
So here is a glimpse of what went on

The Royal Imperial Guards

A galleon was created out of 4 separate parts complete with slaves and guards

And, of course, chariot races.
Now this was a very hard photo to take
They were moving FAST!!!!

This is an open-air sporting stadium, so lucky for us the storm that was brewing held off till the next day. 

And what am I doing this Friday????

Well, hubby and I are flying to Melbourne for the weekend.
This weekend also happens to be Derby Day at Flemington!!!
So just may have to visit

To attend The Melbourne Cup is on our "Bucket List", but I'm sure we can make-do with The Derby!!

So I'll catch up next week


  1. I'm sure the chariot thing was quite a spectacle. Looked very dangerous to me.Is your SIL a stunt man?
    Make sure you take photos of the two of you in all your racing finery- is it black and white day? Can't wait to see those pics !!!

  2. Looks like a very fun evening was had by all. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What an evening. We saw a little prev on the tellie, but you actually saw it . How wonderful :)) Good luck at the races, and do you have a special hat???? More pics please:))

  4. Hi Maria,
    That must really have been an awesome experience! Thank you for showing this; I've never seen or heard of anything like it over here (but then our country is so small it would probably fit in that stadium!)
    groetjes, Dorien

  5. Very interesting Maria,
    You did well with the photos!
    Hope you have a good weekend!
    Love suex