Friday, 1 October 2010

Mini Xmas Stockings 2010 Challenge

Mini Xmas Stockings 2010, originally uploaded by Aussie Maria.
Hi everyone

Knit4Charities has a mini Christmas Stocking Challenge. These are handed out to the homeless and those in difficulties, mainly children. A little something is popped inside, such as Candy Cane, Lollipops, Lollies etc. Just to give a little cheer at "that" time of year.

They are expecting that over 5,000 will be turning up - and that's only in the Brisbane area!!!!

So here is my input for the challenge.

The knitted ones are from Jean Greenhowe's site - very quick and so very simple. I used more of this pattern as the yarn went further and the colour changes worked better.

The crochet one on the left is a side-to-side pattern, another quickie, but I didn't like how the colours worked - even mixed me up in the head ☺

The crochet one on the right is a hexagon folded - loved making this one, but again I did not like the colours spinning. Will probably rework this in plain colours and solid trebles (I did this one granny style)

These would also be a fantastic idea for a recycling/reuse Xmas wrapping/bag if you have tiny gifts or Advent calenders or Tree Decorations or Teddy's Boots or Doll Boots or ...........

Bye for now
Off for a lovely long weekend - Labour Day on Monday holiday


  1. Vey cute and a very worthy cause too! Good for you!!!

  2. They are cute, sure to bring some cheer to a child .. I like the colours, lovely and bright. Have a great weekend..:))

  3. what a great idea, and the idea of smaller scale - not super sized is excellent.
    good on you for contributing :)

  4. They look great Maria, I agree the knitted ones do look better.

  5. Very nice idea Maria, and I love the colours.
    Hugs Suex

  6. What a lovely idea Maria, well done to you x

  7. Hi Maria, thank you so much for stopping by on my blog. It took me a while to find you, because one way or another the button with your name didn't work well. Well, now I did. Your blog is lovely and the thought of making little socks to hand out is so sympathetic. I do love the knitted socks, and making them for christmastree decorations is a great idea.
    groetjes, Dorien

  8. Hello Maria!!!
    I've just had a lovely catch up through your blog! Love the mandalas and the hexagons are just perfect!
    Sorry about the feed on my blog today!!! It posted itself halfway through the process! Grrrrr

    Ooh, and love that little vest, I wonder if even I could make tht???!!!

  9. I like the knitted ones, but they all look pretty!

  10. What a wonderful idea, Maria. And a worthy cause.


  11. Maria! I found that square pattern you were asking about. Yipee! Here is the link to the free pattern:

  12. The small socks are sooo cute! I love them and the whole idea is great! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment:)

  13. Hi Maria, how cute are those little stockings. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.