Saturday, 23 October 2010

Aussie Maria's Australia

Hi everyone

Having a memory lane moment while trawling through my old photos - yes real printed photos!!!!
So that will explain the colour saturation

Random photos of places and areas that have left a lasting impression with me in my travels ....

Mataranka Hot Springs
Northern Territory
Apr 1988

Three of those tiny little blobs in the water are mine ☺

This tropical stop is just off the main highway that connects Adelaide and Darwin, and is renowned for its thermal pool – a sandy-bottomed lagoon fringed by palm forest and a rejuvenating swimming spot for weary travellers up and down ‘the track’.

This place was heaven after the heat and long, long, long, long, dry, red open flat areas.
Might have to show that one day too ☺


  1. On my "to do" list for one day... I've been to more places OS than places in Oz. Looks lovely.

    Caz :)

  2. I couldn't believe the bats of a night.. The heavens turned black and the noise was unbelievable.. The pool looked devine and so cool. :))

  3. Maria,

    Oh what a beautiful place. I love to swim and float in the water. Thanks for sharing.


  4. What a lovely place Maria! Heavenly.
    Thanks for your comments on Flickr!
    Love Suex

  5. I'm digging your random-nest lately. What fun and I love the feel of these pictures.

    I knew you would get the album. Can you believe others are still not getting it. EEKs, I hope THE FLOYD doesn't scare people away. But, it is a classic...right....

    Peace Out,

  6. Maria This is a flash from the past for me...I went to Mataranka in 1960 on a caravan trip to the NT with my family. It was virtually undiscovered then and basic but a lot of fun. Mum was particularly interested in the history of the Elsey Station and Jeannie Gunn (Mrs.Aeneas Gunn, author of We of the Never-Never) I remember we visited the old graveyard. The trip was great because I had several extra weeks holiday from school...

  7. Looks lovely Maria, I would love to swim in that inviting water.

  8. i have a picture of me at 1 with floaties here !
    What a great memory !
    Mum & dad have been back recently, and they say it has all been paved etc etc - that's progress for you :)