Tuesday, 2 November 2010

First Tuesday in November .....

Hi everyone
For everyone living in Victoria, you know the basics, but I have a little extra, so please read on.
For everyone else - The First Tuesday in November is Melbourne Cup Day.
The State of Victoria has a public holiday for a horse race - lucky!!!!

I have a very, very, very small link
It is a very, very, very old link

The entrance to Flemington Racecourse (where the Melbourne Cup is held) has a very long paved entrance.
Within these pavers are tiles with previous Melbourne Cup Winners

So while we dodged the massive crowds trying to enter the Racecourse for Derby Day (Saturday) I got hubby to snap a very quick photo with his phone

Complete with the tips of our shoes showing!!!!

My connection??????

Well, my Great-Grandfather, Thomas WHITE, broke Zulu in!!!!!
Yep, Zulu won The Melbourne Cup in 1881!!!!!

How's that for a Melbourne Cup connection

And yes, Melbourne lived up to its reputation while we were there - wet and cold
Every day!!!!
But it was the first time that has happened to us


  1. Another great post and make sure you drop by my site where you've been named for an award!

  2. That is a great link to the Melbourne Cup. Half or the people living on the Sunshine Coast originally came from Melbourne, so it's sort of an unofficial holiday here today too. I am one of those people that came from Melbourne, and the one thing I don't miss about living there is the weather.

  3. Now that is a great connection Maria well done!
    What a surprise winner..
    Wet, sunny, and blowy here..:((

  4. Hey Maria,
    Thank you so much for passing by my blog and leaving such nice comments :)
    Have a perfect day!

  5. That's a great link to the Cup. Did you manage to pick a winner today?
    And if the Melbourne weather was anything other than its wet & cold self you would've been disappointed ;)
    Just a bit of trivia for you Sth Aust also gets a holiday for a horse race, the Adelaide Cup.

  6. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  7. Hello Maria,
    Thanks for this post, very interesting.
    I cant believe its November already!
    Soon Bonfire Night, then Christmas.
    ...oh dear!
    Love suex

  8. Stopped by to read your blog - very interesting and enjoyed the pictures!
    Cute teddy and the Melbourne connection if fun..

  9. Thats a good connection Maria! I hope you came home quids up!x

  10. Hello Maria,
    i think I can go one better about Zulu... James Gough, who is part of my husbands family tree, was the 14 year old jockey who won the Cup in 1881 riding Zulu. His brother John Gough won the race in 1898 on Grafter. Both horses were owned by their cousin William Forrester of Windsor NSW.

  11. Beautiful Blog. Lots of inspiration. A new follower that will be back! Thanks!