Thursday, 25 February 2010

Mixed bag of goodies

Hullo, hullo, hullo

Where to start now ????????

Firstly I have just posted off another 7 pairs of Slippers With Souls.  That makes 15 pairs I have sent.  Yeah for me!!!  The Knit4Charities group has a total of 500 they are trying to achieve and I think they are down to the last 50 pairs.  Well done to anyone who contributed to this - I have nothing directly to do with it just think it was aspiring achievement.

And now here is a cape I made for one of the flowergirls.  The idea came for it after making the poncho shown here, and then I thought if I make something that just fits over their shoulders I would not have to worry about them growing etc.  So I gave this pattern a whirl.  I like how it turned out and DD3 likes it too - and she is the decision maker for this.
I hope it sits ok, cause then I can do a second one.  The big try on should be this weekend.  Keep your fingers cross that DD3 and flowergirl and flowergirl's mummy, who is Matron of Honour, like how it sits and looks and fits.

Now do the above photos look a little dark?????
Well that's cause yesterday was overcast and A LOT cooler than the previous days.
The weather-person must have been listening to all your wishes to cool it down for me.
Thank you one and all

And I found a pattern for Jamberoo
It is called Scarflet and can be found here
It reminds me of the Mardi Gra - swirly skirts, colours, lights, fun - you know

And yes we are back to sunshine this morning.  The weather is still a little cooler though.

Blogging is certainly a lovely world of people who link up with similiar thoughts, feelings and hobbies and differences to which introduce us to new things.
I have mentioned Sue from Mrs Twins project, well Kate from The Garden Bell requested that one of her squares should be placed next to one of my squares.  I had a little think and thought that was so sweet and caring across the many miles between us.  I requested that Mrs Twins put Kate's & my squares near the outside which is where she does the eding so that we all connect in a way.  And I just noticed that Kim from Kimbles at Home wants to connect too!!!  A couple of others might be Bethel from Bethel of Bethelania; Karin from Karin aan de haak;  if Helsie from Lady Helsie's Happenings crocheted I am sure she would be in on it etc, etc, etc

These are only a few of the many lovely people who have sent Sue squares.

You do get what I am trying to say - about the wonderful sharing and closeness of my blogger friends, even though many, many miles of land, sea, air and countries separate us
I think its wonderful!!!!

I am only new to blogging (about 6 months), but I find this part ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!!

Bye for now


  1. Poor Sue... Now, she has the sillie requests from us all to be near each other. But, isn't it cool. What fun this project has become. I have all that you listed on my list tooooooo. Our small little world of friends and Sue is connecting us all together. What fun.

    By the way, I love your scarf and knew you would find something fun to do with it.

    OK, I seriously, only have my yarn packed, so I had better get my tail in gear.


  2. How wonderful that you all get to connect together even though you all live so far from each other. Your sock slippers look great, my mum knits those too. The little cape is quite pretty.

  3. Yeah Maria its brilliant, like having loads of instant pen friends!! Poor Sue having to match all of our squares up!! She has had a fantastic response though and it is a brilliant idea and its nice to be able to contribute. Have a great day!! **Kim**x

  4. Oh my dear, dear friends. What would I do without you all! I am so touched by the kindest of things you say!
    I shall have to pop over to lADY HELEN and ask if she'd do one square to go in the middle as shes the Lady! ha.ha.
    I shall have to remember all of this, thats if I ever get off this computer!!
    Seriously now back to you Maria.
    You're doing such a lot for charity yourself. I shall have to pop over to that charity and have a read myself. Beautiful work youve done. I think your family will love the flower girls cape. Also using up the yarn on that gorgeous project, simply beautiful colours.
    I'm truly honoured that I have such marvellous friends thank you all.
    Have a good day Maria, I'm sure they will hit the total!
    Hugs and LOve Suex

  5. Just been to visit Lady Helsie.
    I have asked if she would just knit or crochet me one 6" square so we could put her right in the middle as she is a Lady!
    Hugs Suex