Monday, 1 February 2010

Watch out

I am now an empty-nester

For the first time in 28 years there are no children sharing our house

For the first time since I have been with hubby (about 12 years) there are no children living with us

Now what to do with myself - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Just might have to clean up the mess

BTW - don't worry I won't feel like I will get upset and start missing them or go all psycho mentally cause ...




two lots of them are just over the road and the others we see nearly every week or two


  1. Hi Maria,
    Well I know what you can do crochet! crochet! crochet!
    I was half an empty nester back in February. Now a year later Daughter coming back 'for 6 months' she says. Till they find a 'house'. Apparently its called 'Boomerang living!'. They go but they come back to 'save'. So we have to get used to having a full house again. In our day you stayed together even if you were short of cash, which they definitely aren't!. Can't understand this generation Maria. I found Flickr when my Daughter left I haven't looked back yet. It helped me through a period in my life when I was sad that my Daughter had left us. Children leaving home is very hard for us Moms. Thankfully she will be moving near to me when she moves out again.
    I'm pleased they are handy for you Maria. You can keep an eye on them!
    Hugs and Love Sue
    I'm up early can't sleep.x
    More time for you and Hubby, great!!!!!!! :)

  2. I can't imagine what it must be like Maria - our house seems as chaotic as ever! How lovely that they wont be too far away - sounds like the perfect set up to me!!! Now you will have loooads of time for crocheting and maybe learning a new craft - take care ** Kim ** x

  3. Well we have our youngest of three at home at the moment. She works for the UN and has spent the last year based abroad. She is now based in the UK whilst she combines her 'around the world' job with a GDL law qualification in London; about 100 miles away. She's great company, so I am making the most of the unexpected stay. Thanks for your kind comments over at my place. Ros

  4. Whoo Hoooo!! Congrats!! I can't wait until My husband and I are the only 2 people living in our house. We currently have our 25 year old daughter living with us along with 1 of our 20 year old twin girls!

  5. I'm an empty nester too!
    And it's great!

    ~X~ Karin

  6. Congratulations & Jubliations to you & hubby... you guys won't know yourselves... now you can go visit the kids when 'you' want AND... ha ha... do all the things to them that they did to you that annoyed you... like not putting the milk away, putting your feet up on the new lounge, eating with your elbows on the table...
    Remember all those things our Mum's told us... I used to always threaten that's what I'd do... but I'm usually pleased to see them...
    We've been empty nesters for many years & I love it really... the first two to go was hard but I got over it... been kicking my heels up all these years... Bethel

  7. Ah, yes - empty nesters. We've been that since 31 January 2009 but it seems she spends a lot of time at this home!