Friday, 5 February 2010

Not much in particular

Good morning everyone
Hope all is well with you.
There is not much going on around here.

Just some beautiful rain!!!

We desperately need rain and we finally got some this week.  Our dams are only just getting to half full.  So its not a lot of rain, but it is oh so very welcome.

It may seem that not much crochet or knitting is going on around here.  But there is!!!  Just my WARNING project has slowed down.  I have so many projects going on, some in my head, that only a little bit of work gets done.  And the weather is no help at all.  While the rain is welcome, the humidity is not.  It is so high!!!  Crochet can only be done a row or two at a time.
Very frustrating.

Now for a project that I may have given you a tiny glimpse of way back in October.
My very first crocheted garment - for a child at that!!!

The major part was finished, it just needed a trim.  I was going on measurements, added a bit for the girls growth, as I assumed, like most Australian children, that she would do a bit of growing over our summer months.  So I waited, and waited for DD3 to try it on her, to fine tune it.  It took till January to try it on!!
The sleeve needed adjustment but it fitted her, but only just!

So I have been thinking and thinking and so this .......

became this ........

So back to square one
And I have two to make - oh my
And no access to either girl to try on (one lives on the other side of Australia)
And only 3 months to do it in now !!!!

The challenges we set for ourselves

So no more thinking, I must start crocheting!!!!!

As a postscript -

This weekend is the anniversary of Black Saturday.
For those who were affected, my thoughts are with you at this most difficult time.
May all go well with you this year

Bye for now


  1. Oh thank goodness you are getting some much needed rain. We have had some too today and last night but it is still quite warm. Your jacket looked lovely, pity you had to pull it out. Perhaps your daughter can take some measurements for width, length and the arms so you have an idea of how big both of them should be.

  2. Oh dear. Sometimes we have to brave and rip, rip, rip! Hope you get them done in time.

  3. Don't know how you can even think of crochet in this weather - even in air con ! must have felt awful pulling out so much hard work.
    hope it cools down soon for you.

  4. Such a shame, the cardy looked great.
    Glad you've had some rain there.
    Have a good weekend Marie!
    Hugs and lOve Suex