Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Hullo & Good-bye

I have been talking about WARNING but not showing you anything, so I will now, but it is not a happy ending.
Ok, so it will be the full version to keep you entertained.
I wandered in to my LYS and browsed and pondered on their yarn. I have had a project in my mind for a long while.
Firstly it had to cover my shoulders for when it gets a bit cool, something interesting, not to challenging - crocheted or knitted - not to sure. There are some beautiful knitting patterns for lacy shawls which I have yearned for. Only problem was I was interested in a quick fix, something that would not take too long to make - so I was leaning towards crochet.
Patterns have been rolling around in my head, but it would all depend on the wool. It needed to be at least 8ply as the fingers are just not up to the finer wool, it would take too long.
So back to the LYS and after doing the rounds I spotted half way down the wall some wool. Autumn colours which I was leaning towards and as I leant down to pull it out ..........

A glimmer of colour caught my eye ...............

It did not whisper to me ................

It was SCREAMING at me .......................

I HAD TO HAVE IT ..............

I knew that immediately ..............

So I checked the price - which was the amount I pay for 200g wool and it was only 50g!!!!!
Oh oh!!!!!
But it was so soft

Another thing is the colours, they are not what I would normally wear, but they are what I yearn to wear.  More the inner, hidden me

It was not Australian merino either!!!! Another HUGE Oh oh for me.

But I started to clutch at straws - the brand is from Wales.
My g-g-g-grandfather, George ROSKELL, was the first Mayor of Flintshire, Wales (1836) and my husbands g-g-grandfather, George Joseph THOMAS (b1856) is from Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales. So I am supporting family connections

Colinette Cadanza Jamboree

I could not help myself and yes, the straw was teeny, tiny

So I started on a very simple triangle shawl

I love the wool and I love the colours

But ..

I started to have doubts the third ball in and then I tried it on when I finished the fourth ball ........

Triangle Shawls do not sit properly on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh no, I love the wool so much, so it must be frogged and I will think of something else - maybe a rectangular shawl or wide scarf

Thank goodness hubby bought some flowers home to cheer me up

More frogging may be coming - WATCH Out


  1. ICKS.... Enjoy you frogging. I know you will come up with something fun with this yarn. It's bright and cheerie..... I totally get the shawl thing. Something work for some and not for other. I want to be one of those that can wear around p.j. bottoms and look adorable, but me I look like I'm in my pajamas. You will figure it out......


  2. Back again. I know you had a hard time frogging this, but I'm sure you will come up with something even more spectacular to do with it. I, too, would have snatched this up. I'll put on my thinking cap and see if I can think up a fun thing... Maybe some of Luc's fingerless gloves.....

  3. i love the colors, you should wear what you like!

  4. Oh no! At least this way you get to enjoy crocheting with it all over again.

  5. Lovely colours!

    I think about a bag or happy socks.....

  6. Oh dear! Very bright colours but not a happy ending.

    They are indeed beautiful flowers!

  7. It's yarn that you just gotta have! It's fantastic.
    I just love the colours.
    Umm have to have a think for you!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  8. Helen did know either... so they might be an American thing. They are Cinnamon candies found in the baking aisle or at this time of year the Valentines Candy Aisle. Good Luck. It is sooooo yummie.


    Not sure about the whole Cate B. thing, but you know I'll have some crazy picture. Probably going to take longer than I thought to stitch it all together.

  9. I like the triangle shawl, and I like the wool A LOT ! Maybe you would like a long scarf better... (Also easy) I'm sure it will look great what ever you decide . Louise x

  10. Hello Marie,

    i fonde you via karin.
    sorry for me engels.
    you make very lovly thinks.
    i am bigining with that.

    greatings from conny