Monday, 4 July 2011

Love and Hugs

Hi everyone

Well remember that pink wool I just had to buy for someone very special?

And you know how much I hate "knitting" scarves
There are so many pretty crochet patterns out there to use
But the someone special does not like crochet
So as it was a project of love and hugs
I persevered
You can imagine how much love and hugs went into this ;-)

What a mess

But lightly steamed blocked, it became this
Just in case you were wondering how much love and hugs went into it
220cm x 13cm!!!

Now fingers crossed the recipient likes it

Details here
Just in case you were wondering, as this was a rush job, the wool is not Bendigo's Classic but Heirloom's Easy Care.  It would seem that it is only a branding difference between them.  The wool feels exactly the same, but Easy Care's seems very slightly more splitty the Classic.


  1. It looks lovely Maria. You've done a great job with it :)

  2. So pretty Maria, Your hook and pins have been very busy... :))

  3. Very pretty indeed Maria. Knitting takes so much longer to do doesn't it?
    I'm sure the lucky recipient will love it.

  4. Hi Maria ... The scarf looks beautiful. Such a pretty pink too. Interesting comment re the Easy Care wool - I'm using some at the moment and am finding it really nice to use.

  5. The scarf is very pretty. I have to say that the classic bendigo wool ends up being very soft once washed but I still dont like the stitch definition it gives when knitted up.

  6. Very pretty - I believe both brands come from the same mill.

  7. How pretty that scarf is - I am sure the recipient will love it.

  8. Love the scarf and admire your perseverance. And with 220 cm length this is a very warm scarf. Great job.

  9. for some one who dislikes knitting your scarf is lovely.