Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Well, what's a crafter to do ....

when two little girls turn up so unexpectedly?

Well, first is to run up to the LYS to grab some very soft baby yarn.
Preemies need lots of softness
Secondly, peruse patterns for preemies
Thirdly, get out all my little hooks and needles

And, fourthly - get cracking

See how tiny they are?
And their heads are 6cm smaller than this
So they are still too big for them
But they will grow

Funny, how only two years ago, almost to the day, my daughters half-sisters were born at 24 weeks too.  They are now 'big' girls of 2!!.  I remember the tiny things I made for them.

My twin girls were born 4 weeks preemie, but such a good size there were no problems, and they were treated like normal term babies.  Probably just no room to grow in my then, tiny, body   :-)

Off to whip out a few more, as I know that's about all they will be wearing

Another thought I just had, is that for just over 30 years, except for 1 year, I have been making everything in triplicate.  D3 was too close in age to leave her out of new things.  And I felt horrible if she had only hand-me-downs, even if they were almost new - Silly me!!!!

Ooops almost forgot details
The pattern is The Shell Stitch Beanie
Mods and details here


  1. Lordy, Lordy, you have two sweetie pies to make stuff for now. So jealous.... and girls to boot.

  2. Those are adorable hats! You're going to have fun making pink things for them! Have fun. Hugs, Teresa

  3. What a lovely excuse to get your hook and yarn moving. Think of all the pretty things you will be able to make for them. I wish them a healthy progress. And blessings to the new parents too.

  4. Maria they are beautiful.. I am sure you will have a lot of fun creating many crohet items for the,..
    To think you had twins also, what a hoot :))

  5. They are really sweet and how great that you can make such little hats (as they make up so quickly!). Wonderful to hear that they are going well and congratulations on these new additions to your extended family.
    Caz :)

  6. Ooo, how quckly you put those together.

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