Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Hi everyone

First off a thought - when I was younger I used to do nothing but knit.  I knew how to crochet.  But I prefered to knit, and knit I did - adult jumpers - with cables and patterns or fair-isle style etc, baby clothes, baby blankets, toddlers clothes and on and on.

I now find that I have time and can go back to my "crafting", but now I choose not to knit.  I do a little here and there, but I am finding crochet much more rewarding.

Now the reason I mention this is only that I thought it funny how things change over time.  Wonder if I will be around long enough to get intense about both crafts at the same time   VBG    :-)))))))

Straight into it - I have always had trouble with foundation chains.  They always seem too tight with no or very little give.  It does not matter what yarn or hook I use the result is always the same.  So I have tended to avoid anything which calls for a large number of foundation chains to start.  And anyway I am very happy to go round and round when I crochet - I actually prefer it.  I find it soothing, automatic work.  Backwards and forwards I have a problem

I bumped into Sandy's site - Sandy's Hook - last week and was interested.  Notice she had a video, but ignored that.  I thought it was about foundation chains - and I was well past that!!!!

Then I saw a notice about crochet info on the opening page of Ravelry, but again I thought I will check it out later.  Well over the weekend I clicked on the Ravelry link and whose face did I see but Sandy's!!!!  So I had a look at what the video was about (its also on YouTube).

Well, why oh why did I not look earlier - she made my entire year with her little video!!!!!

I now had a solution to my problems with foundation rows!!!!!  It must be karma, cause I desperately needed a solution and urgently

Thank you so much Sandy

I tried it straight away for the flower-girl project and it worked a treat!!!  As the project is coming along at a swimming rate, no photos till it is finished

And here are some gratitious flower photos - not for Valentines.  I am very tired of commercialism

with wattle leaves

I love red flowers, doesn't have to be a rose

And here is a storm coming through very late Friday afternoon after a very hot, very humid day

I assume all those who live in dry areas welcome this like we do - with cheers and thank you's.
Love sitting out (under cover of course) and enjoying the cooling display

Bye for now


  1. I like to sit and watch the rain and storms too but not too much cooling is happening here. Too much moisture in the air!!!
    Don't know how you can crochet in this heat but you seem to be getting lots finished. Well done

  2. The flowers are beautiful - I love red too.

    And what a great view of approaching storms - I'm almost jealous!! I love watching storms but we are surrounded by houses here.

  3. Thankyou for the link to sandy's instructions, I endure foundation rows and am glad when they are over. I will check it out right now
    Louise x

  4. Okay you have inspired me to check out the site, and give crochet another go.
    I love the storm photo's; We see them coming here as well.
    Flowers of any colour are lovely.

  5. You know these videos on the net are so useful. I think we all have trouble with the simpliest of things! So many interesting things to see on videos. Always something new to learn.
    Hope youre okay Maria,
    hugs and Love Suex