Friday, 26 February 2010

Hubby required editing

Hi everyone

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, especially those flying south for warmer weather??????
That's not a saying we use around here, we always fly north for warmer weather in winter  
Cute hey, just learnt how to do it - press Alt + 1 (on number pad), keep going there are lots more there to learn, like this (Alt + 3)

Anyway the reason for this posting is cause hubby finally read some of my latest postings and found something he was not happy with (can't find the unhappy face)

Remember these beautiful flowers!!!!!!!

I forgot to mention that hubby bought them for me

PS - Not for Valentines Day, just cause

Bye for now


  1. OK well now you've given credit where it is due. They ARE lovely flowers and I would rather have them " just 'cos " than any other way!!!!

    I'll certainly look for some wool and whip up a couple of squares for the blankie but they will have to be knitted ones.
    Thanks for thinking of me.

  2. Thanks Maria I will try the alt 1 thing I didn't know that. Poor hubby at least you have given him a mention - I thinks hubbys would like to be bloggers....secretly... have a great weekend! **Kim**x

  3. Dear Hubby, Bless him! Those flowers are gorgeous. I don't expect I'll ever be getting anymore because I crochet too many!
    You are all very sweet thinking of a memento for me. I wouldn't mind doing a 'Sunshine Friendship Blanket' a square from each of you, if I havent used them. Then I could put you all by each other as we said. Then you could sit by me when I make the Blankets! Good idea suggested already.
    Thats if this is a good idea. If we can't think of anything else.
    Hope you have a good weekend, and thanks for your support Maria!
    Hugs and Love Suex

    I am so pleased Lady Helsie is knitting me a square!

  4. They're still gorgeous whatever the reason (and "just because" is the very best reason!) Thank you, Hubby, for brightening all our days.

  5. What a lovely hubby to give you such beautiful flowers! Thanks for the keyboard tips using the alt key, I always wondered how that was done. Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Beautiful roses! Well done Hubby!