Friday, 20 November 2009

Hot days and new project

Hi everyone
Well another beautiful hot day here.  I have taken a panoramic photo of the view yesterday about 2 pm.  The temp was about 36-38C.  Washes out the colour a little bit when we have had a few hot days.

While I look over a lot of other apartments, I am lucky enough to be high enough to be able to view valleys and trees.  The purple splash you see everywhere is a tree called Jacaranda.  It is not native to Australia, but is very well loved here for the wonderful display.  The flowers are already dropping and green, ferny type leaves turn up to offer filtered shade.  Here is a view of the tree that not many would get to see.  The photo was taken about a week ago, before the heat causes the flowers to drop

Late yesterday, once the sun had truly left the balcony, a lovely breeze started, which made the temp. bareable.  So of course I took advantage of it!!

Yes and yes - that is new yarn for a new project and that is a beer bottle behind it.  But no it was filled with icy cold water.  The Grolsch bottles make excellent chilled water bottles!!!

The new project is for DD3 - her colour choice and she requested a Hexagon.  I love the combination, but I do find the dark blue and brown hard to see stitches, but that's ok as I can do it by remote.  Any chance I can get this finished for Xmas??????????   If not the wedding is only in May!!!

No, I haven't given up on the ripple, but foolishly thought I just might get this finished for Xmas - or hopefully.

I find that I can do hexagons or grannys by remote.  But I have to work a little harder with ripples.  Maybe my brain goes round and round, not up and down.  Actually sounds just about spot on - my brain does repeatedly recycle thoughts, ideas etc!!!

The only place cool enough in the morning is at the computer.  Can't wait for the shade to come to our balcony.

While I complain about the heat sometimes, I do truly love the warmth, just gets a bit much when its days on end well into the high 30's.

I would love, actually crave, to experience one winter where there is snow and log fires.  I think a week would be about as long as I can last though   :-)

Hope the heat turns down a bit before tomorrow though, sitting on the side of a cricket field when its a stinker (Aussie slang for hot) is not at all fun.  DH is finally been given the clearance to get back to his passion (cricket) after the surgery.

Have a great weekend

P.S Forgot to mention the other great thing with the weather - the washing dries SUPER FAST!!!!!  :-))


  1. It sounds lovely where you are Maria.Your new project looks great I am sure DD3 will love it, and you will get it finished in time! I envy you getting the washing super dry - I have loads draped around the utility room trying to dry Ugh! take care

  2. We've been sweltering up here in Queensland too and today we have humidity too! YUK !
    I would love a cold Christmas with cosy fires to snuggle by for a change.

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for signing up as a follower on my blog! You are my first international follower. I enjoy reading your blog and learning more about Australia. I'm not sure how hot 30 degrees C. is but a few weeks ago we were in the Florida Keys in 90 degrees F. plus and it was hot and muggy. I see you are a fellow crocheter too. I tried to do the ripple stitch while re-learning my basic crochet stitches (for the 3rd time) but just couldn't do it. Since then I found a blog that seems to give a good tutorial so will have to try it. I hope your weather cools down for you.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)