Monday, 2 May 2011

Home again

Hi everyone

Well, I did make it back, extremely relunctantly, from Hobart
And what beautiful weather she turned on
I haven't even looked at what little photos I have taken as yet
Spent most of the time just absorbing the history and picturing what my ancestors may have seen.

While I was away, in my head, I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote posts
But now, well they seem very relunctant to turn up
Probably too many re-works in my head

So please excuse my lack of posting
Hopefully it will work itself out and turn up here

And I'm madly trying to catch up with the blog world I missed (well, I'm skimming really)
And hopefully fingers will get back to crochet and knitting - books are the preference at the moment
It's ALL gone haywire   :-)


  1. Maria Welcome back to blog land..:))
    So pleased you love Tassie, so sorry we didn't catch up :(( Next time :))
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting, the craft show was great, could have spent more money but you know how it is.. I did spot some gorgeous hanks of yarn , get ready for it .... $130 for a small hank..... must have had some gold in it LOL..

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed your break. I love Tassy. I always want to bring it home with me. It takes a while to get back into everyday life when you return from holiday but your fingers will start to itch for some crochet soon I'll bet.

  3. Great to hear you had a wonderful time. Just take your time to come back home. Enjoy your reading.

  4. HI Maria,
    I'm so pleased you stopped by to read our SIBOL NEWS!
    A lot has been happening run up to the Royal Wedding! What a wonderful day that was!
    Hope all is well your end,
    hugs suex

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