Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hobart, Tasmania

Hi everyone

Well I did say that I would share some thoughts and photos of my trip,
and so I start ......
This post may seem disjointed as I will be writing this in bits and pieces

Now, you should all know that this has completed a long held Bucket List wish
I have now visited every state and territory in Australia
Some only very briefly and one teeny bit of the state/territory
Others are repeated visits and much more extensive

Now while Tasmania has patiently waited for a visit from me, I have found that I have a very large and strong connection with this beautiful little state.
My family history research has turned up quite a lot of my ancestors from here.
So on my trip to Hobart, we spent a lot of time just looking and feeling the atmosphere
I know there are many things now that my ancestors would never have seen
But as Hobart has kept a large amount of their old buildings and historical attractions, I got a glimpse of what it may have looked and felt like

View from Derwent River and hidden in the clouds is Mt Wellington

Just to document my direct ancestors who started their families in Tasmania.
  1.  Thomas DRISCOLL - Convict, arrived in Tasmania in 1852 from Cork, Ireland ; almost immediately became a Policeman in the Colony ; had two wives and a total of 22 children!!!! (g-g-g-grandfather)
  2. Mary LEARY/O'LEARY - Came free to Tasmania from Ireland ; wife of above ; had 13 children (g-g-g-grandmother)
  3. John CHEW - Convict, arrived in Tasmania in 1848 from Somerset, England (g-g-g-grandfather)
  4. Ellen QUILL - Convict, arrived in Tasmania in 1851 from Limerick, Ireland ; wife of John CHEW (g-g-g-grandmother)
  5. Mary QUILL - Convict, arrived in Tasmania in 1851 from Limerick, Ireland ; sister of Ellen QUILL (g-g-g-grandaunt)
  6. David RADLEY - Convict, arrived in Tasmania in 1845 from Essex, England (g-g-g-grandfather)
  7. Emma Jane ROBINS - Born in Tasmania in 1837. Wife of David RADLEY.  Details are sketchy on exactly when her parents, William & Jane ROBINS (g-g-g-g-grandparents), arrived in Tasmania (c1833), but they were in Victoria c1840 (g-g-g-grandmother)
  8. John VICTORSEN - Came free to Tasmania from Germany via England (g-g-g-granduncle)
View from Mt Wellington of Hobart & north on a beautifully clear day


    1. That's so great to know who your ancestors are and where they came from. I really gives a lot of meaning to a trip like this. Over here in Europe a lot of people think of new countries like the USA and Australia as having no real history. I know that's not true, and your post is again an illustration of it. Have a nice day!

    2. My paternal g-g-grandmother, was born in Scotland and transported to Van Dieman's land at the age of thirteen. Her name is Agnes Macmillan and she is the one of the central characters in a book about female convicts called "The Tin Ticket".

      I have only to visit WA to complete that item on my bucket list.

    3. Reading the comments Maria.....
      How exciting it must be to follow your ancestors.....
      To know where to start and watch it all come together must be very satisfying :))
      So pleased you enjoyed your stay on our Island :))

    4. Hello Maria, I believe that my husband is related to you. You have the same Victorsen/Kaufmann ancestor