Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday's Word

Hi everyone
I know about Wordless Wednesday
But why not have a special word on Wednesday instead

First off - I have not had a drink and I have not taken any pills   ☺

As a child I was a voracious reader and I loved finding new words and trying to work out the meaning from the text around it.  I was frequently right, but it also expanded my vocabulary when checking in the dictionary.  Kids curtailed my reading time, but I am slowly getting back into it.  And once again words are intruiging.

While I was planning this in post (in the middle of the night) all my favourite, weird words disappeared into the shadows and crooks and cranny's.

The only word that just would not go away was .......
drumroll please ........


This word is not found in a dictionary, but on a map
I love this word, it always makes me smile, I love saying it
Now I am no word expert, so please correct me (gently, I hate pain  ☺)
It is pronunuced - Gul/aR/Gam/Bone

Never been there
Don't know anyone from there
But would love to go there one day, just to say I have

While trying to find a map to show you where it is (could not work out how to add Google Maps), I found this in images, from Wilber Farm House (no affiliation what so ever).  Could be the perfect place to visit Gulgarambone.

You really need to say it out loud to enjoy the word - well I do!! ☺ ☺

And also from the website -
"Gulargambone" is an aboriginal term meaning "watering hole of many birds".

Now I must off and prepare myself (read) so I have a word for another Wednesday

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  1. This is a very familiar place name as I grew up in a nearby small country town. It is a little rural town like many others in NSW and is situated on the banks of the Castlereagh River, hence the reason for the name. The names of all of these towns are based on an Aboriginal term usually associated with the location - hence Baradine means 'red kangaroo', Girilambone means 'place of many stars',Dubbo means 'red earth' etc.