Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Blogger :-(

Mixed bag, some I can comment, others not
Then I found the following on this blog

"I'm not sure if anyone else is having the same problems commenting as I am at the moment.....................I'm unable to post comments to blogs that are using the embedded comment option in their settings...........................I used the "Help" button on the dashboard and apparently there's an error attatched to this's quite easy to change.........On your "Dashboard" click on "Settings" then click on "Comments"...............3rd option down you have three choices to display your comment box..............either choose "Pop up window" or "Full page display"......the third one "embedded beneath post" is the option causing all the problems.

I've just had another look on bloggers "Help" page and quite a few people are experiencing this problem.

So if I usually comment on your blog and I haven't recently, it may be because you have the "embedded below post" option to display your comments."

Only went to the blog for her lovely crafting ability and I found an answer - good news


  1. excellent Maria, what have you been making this past week??

  2. I see you've changed your comments settings because I couldn't post here either!

    I saw that post on Blogger Help too; I just wish the tech-heads at Blogger would read the forum and see that they have a problem!

    I cn't upload photos to my posts using New Editor - I have to keep reverting to Old Editor! Such a pain!

  3. Hi Maria,

    Just found out a way to post on blogs that are still using the "comment embedded below" option.......when blogger asks you to you sign in to leave a comment, leave the "stay signed in box" unchecked, it worked for me, let's hope it works for you too.

    lily x

  4. same here for me as Lily!
    I do wish it was easier to get help. i leave comments on help, but wish they would reply back.
    Hugs and thanks for this Maria!

  5. Hope it's getting better for you. I still get bumped quite often. Pop by and tell me if I"m a fool for these Aussie treats. Are we suckers here in the US or what....

  6. I knew I was a sucker.... but they are pretty good and said Aussie for the blog...he-he...

  7. Hi Maria, long time no see. I'm glad I'm not the only one with blogger problems! It will only let me load photos through Picasa ! Poop !!!
    Don't you hate it when it doesn't work ?