Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cotton......... Dreams........

Hi everyone

While there has been lots of knitting going on lately, mainly for charities, my fingers have been crying out to do some crochet.

I have the yarn - Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply Cotton,  purchased gradually over 6 months
I had an idea of what I wanted it to turn into.
But I am a pattern follower, a bit of one I liked, a bit of another, and another.
Then I was not too sure about the colours I chose, it was limited, and not quite what I had in mind.
Then I kept thinking of what else I could make with this beautifully soft cotton

Round, and round, and round, I have been going for this 6 months
Until the urge became so strong, I just had to crochet
Stick with the original idea of bits of this and that

This is only the first part of the process and I don't like working it this way - Normally
But its great this time

This is turning out to be a 'different' project for me
Just in the way the process is working

You can also see in glimpse in the photo of a small knitting project, a pair of Pocketbook Slippers for a charity.
And another Kate Morton book (do you remember this one, The Forgotten Garden), only started it yesterday and I'm almost half way.  I love her style.  I love it so much, I went and got the hardcover of her latest "The Distant Hours".  I was hanging out till next month to get it in paperback, but when it was so cheap, as much as normal paperbacks, how could I resist
Back when I was younger, I always bought hardcovers of my favourite books. They keep much better than paperbacks, and I am always careful with books.

Now to the dreams
I have been sleeping very, very, very badly lately and last night, after hours of tossing and turning, I had a mixed up dream of a PS3 Assasins Creed Brotherhood style game
it involved crochet and knitting, projects and puzzles
I woke up with a grin on my face
Wish I could remember it, maybe I could have patented it and made a fortune

By the time you are reading this, a very long held dream of mine will be coming true.

I will have visited every state and territory, even if only briefly, on mainland Australia!!!!
Much like some of my ancestors
But that's another entirely different post

I will be in the wonderful state of Tasmania - Hobart mainly!!!!

BTW - Happy Easter and a thoughtful Anzac Day


  1. I love the colors you've chosen...those are beautiful together!!!
    Happy Easter to you as well. :=)

  2. All the very best for your trip under down under :))
    Bring a coat and a jumper you are going to need it..
    I am a lover of Bendigo cotton, you are on a winner there :)) Safe Easter to you all :))

  3. Another reason to get some of this Bendigo cotton - what great shades Maria :)

    And Tassie ! Looks like Cockle Creek isn't that far away after all :)

    Have a lovely trip down south of our lovely state, and enjoy your Easter too !

  4. The colours you are working with are very pretty.

    Happy Easter to you too.

  5. I have just borrowed The Distant Hours on audio CD from my local library. I have never used audio books before but I thought I could give it a go and listen while I crochet. I haven't read (or listened to!) any Kate Morton books before but her novels have always sounded interesting. I'll let you know how I go with this one.

    Have a great time in Tassie. I finally got there at the beginning of 2010 and it was great - so beautiful everywhere and very different to the rest of Oz.

    And have a happy Easter!
    Caz xx
    PS Your circles look good... I'm curious! :)
    PPS Your dream sounds hilarious! Hope you are sleeping better now.

  6. WOW-za, so glad to see that hook back in hand. By the way, I have read both and of course, loved both.

    Still scurring around blogland trying to catch up with all. I missed to much.

  7. I do so like Tasmania. I hope you will have a lovely trip there. Your Bendigo cotton project looks interesting. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

  8. Wow! Wonderful hookiness and journeying. Happy Days.
    Love Linda

  9. Your crochet looks beautiful and such pretty colors too. I think I will have to try out audio books as I am addicted to listening to knitting podcasts lately and I seem to get so much more knititng done. Have a great time in Tassie too.