Monday, 9 May 2011

Teeny weeny

Hi everyone

Well I showed you the little crocheted hats I whipped up for the hubby's new neices.
I also made them little cardigans.
Knitted this time as I was worried about their tiny little fingers getting caught.
And after seeing them I was right to be worried.
Even though it will be a while before they fit into these little cardigans.

See how little they are
This is the Smocked Top pattern which I have used before

And those little beanies
Well Knit4Charity has a booklet out with a few patterns and guidelines for various charities
I knit their Preemie Baby Beanie
And look at the size

Those teeny weeny little knitted beanies will fit them now!!!!

The girls are officially one week old today
And all is well


  1. They are so tiny !!
    The little jackets are lovely Maria but those beanies are so small.. :) Precious premmies :))

  2. They are super cute and soooo tiny!

  3. My goodness, they're tinier than dolls almost! My niece was born prem too, at 7 mths. At the time I hadn't rediscovered knitting. Otherwise I probably would have been putting yarn to needles too! Best wishes that they continue to grow healthy and strong.

  4. So cute!

    I'm glad all is well for the week old darlings.

  5. Oh what beautiful little prem clothes! My middle child was born at 31 weeks, which was quite premature 28 years ago. She is now a primary school teacher. I still have the little dolls clothes that my mother made for her. Ros

  6. I'm so pleased that the little ones are doing well. What fun to make all those tiny garments and much appreciated I'm sure. Premy clothes are not easy to buy.

  7. so tiny and sweet! cute patterns.

  8. hi friend, friend list you've added a very nice design weaves love greetings to you soon again.