Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Just a quick update
At some time very late last night
Not even too sure if it was today or yesterday
Hubby became an Uncle again
So late that I don't even know the sexes as yet
Yep, there were 2 of them

Now your probably a bit surprised
No photos of wee crocheted or knitted things
Particularly as I love to work these wonderful tiny things up for charity

Well, the little ones have turned up 12 weeks early!!!!

So other than their birth, that's all we know


  1. Congratulations... and so close to mothers day :)) but 12 weeks early.. my goodness do hope all are well :)

  2. Congratulations!!! We too had a new arrival today (a first for our son)...hope your new babies will be the talk of the town and home before too long...12 weeks early?, not to worry, amazing medical knowledge for babies who arrive a bit too soon.

  3. Congratulations. I hope Mum & babies are doing well especially since they are so early.

  4. ooh goodness twins! Congratulations what fun!
    I know from experienc that means hard work!
    Great news for you Maria!
    Love Suex

  5. Congratulations! I hope they're doing well!

  6. Congratulations to the new parents and the proud uncle and aunt!

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