Friday, 23 July 2010

Forbear Friday

Hi everyone
Now the title lets you know what the post will be about and as I have been thinking about this one for a while you might need a cuppa and something to nibble ☺

Ok now ....

When I first started researching my family history, about 13 years ago, I was able to start with research my maternal grandmother had done on her family.  Which was an excellent start.  She managed to find that one of her ancestors was a convict!!!  or as Jack Thompson so eloquently put it ..
"Australian Royalty"!!!!!!!

Not that long ago, less than 20 years, Australians would deny that their ancestors were from convict stock, and some may have elderly aunts or uncles who will still deny it vehemently.  It was a total embarrassment, much like illegitimacy.  It was hushed up and hidden under the carpet.

Now times were tough back in England around that time and some of the reasons covicts were transported are really only very, very minor ones - just a slap on the wrist nowdays.

Me, well I wanted to find lots and lots of convicts.  To make my connection with Australia from as early as possible.  So I had 3 other direct lines to research - but not one other convict did I find - very frustrating for me.

Back then hubby, asked me to have a look at his family, since I was doing mine.  As I was thoroughly enjoying the research into early Australia, I of course did so.

And of boy, did I get very, very, very frustrated - one very particular line of hubby's was already well researched by others - and as for convicts - so many!!!!!  It defied the odds with the direct connections!!!!!!

Well todays post is about a couple of these convicts, who along the way I was lucky enough to get a copy of a photo of - Whoopppeee!!!! - Please remember the time frame, photos were very, very, very rare

Lawrence GILL (1801-1891)
Emma Amelia TRUEMAN aka Mary Ann THORNTON (1810-1887)

Laurence was convicted of stealing a griddle iron and was trasported for 7 years in 1820
Emma was convicted of stealing 14 yds of cotton and was transported for 7 years in 1826
Isn't Emma tiny - her records show she was 5 ft
Lawrence was not much taller at 5' 2-3/4"
Some footnotes - I eventually did get me some a very nice convict list for my family.
But once again, hubby, has had to top me
And it is a biggy too!!!
He is descended from at least 3 First Fleeters!!!!
So the original lot who came out from England
Now for the quirky bit  ☺
Of these three -
  • one was from Ireland,
  • one was West Indies,
  • and the other was an African-American!!!!!
He also has convicts from the Second Fleet and Third Fleet
Boy, he really does it well when he wants to one-up me ☺
And I did all the research work ☺


  1. What a fun posting. You sure have done your research. And found a picture too... very cool. interesting history.


  2. How neat you were able to find out so much of your combined family history. Someday I hope to find time to do more research on my family. Hubby was lucky he had a distant cousin do all the work on his paternal side all the way back to the village in Germany. No such luck for me.

  3. I admire you Maria. You have such enthusiasm! Dedicated to finding out 'who you are!'. Do you have that programme over there? They do celebrities over here. Always so interesting..
    Havea good weekend
    Love Suex

  4. Hi Maria, good to catch up with you. How utterly interesting and to find a picture is really special. You did all the hard work!!! x

  5. Hi, this is so interesting!! If I'd lived in Australia I would have researched my family history too. Back in my family there are only farmers and priests, farmers and priests..There must be a gold mine of stories from family background in Australia, clearly i come from the wrong place.