Friday, 9 July 2010

Gosh the lengths I go to .....

Ok fill in the blank for me ☺

No, not really, alright you can, please do in your comments

I was going to say
Gosh the lengths I go to to write a post ☺

Way back here when I made Pumpkin Fruit Cake, Josiekitten made a comment about another type of cake that intriuged me.

So I went looking for a recipe here

Found one for this, which I made yesterday

So I had to try it in the name of research

I only cut a small piece

Just to taste you understand

Can you guess what it is??

Ok smarties, yes it is chocolate cake
But there is a surprise ingredient - well at least one I would never have thought to put in!!!

This cake is .....

Chocolate Beetroot Cake!!!!

So yummy, so moist, so delicious and is disappearing rapidly

2 eggs
3/4 cup oil - make sure its good quality, because it will affect the taste
1 cup sugar
1-1/4 cups plain flour
1/4 cup cocoa
1 tsp bicarb of soda
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup tinned beetroot puree, drained, reserve liquid

Beat together oil, sugar & egg
Sift together dry ingredients
Mix all ingredients together with beetroot puree until smooth
Add some beetroot liquid if too dry - I did not add any
Line a round tin with baking paper
Bake at 170C/338F for 50-60 minutes

The icing I just made, cause this family insists on cakes with icing

Just as a little fount of knowledge for those overseas.
Most Australians insist on having sliced beetroot on hamburgers and salad sandwiches!!!
There was a big up-roar when a major health, fast-food chain were going to take beetroot off their ingredients!!!
Until now it was the only way I would eat it


  1. This sure sounds better than my Basil Muffins. They are OK... but next time I will add more sugar and use regular flour and not the Wheat. Little to dry for my taste. I was looking for a more sugarie, blueberrie, crasinie taste. Scooter has a dozen to eat all by himself. I had heard the Brits, don't like spicies as much as us Yanks do... these proved it to me... But, this looks very interesting. I don't see any salt, not a pinch. Most of my recipes have a pinch of salt when baking over here.

    Time to go serve the hubbie his Stone Soup. That is soup made from all the leftovers in the refrig. Yum....


  2. I guessed the secret ingredient as soon as I read your post because my sister makes this too and it is delicious. Do you know that beetroot is very good for your blood too so the cake will be a healthy one, lol!

  3. Wow what a great idea . I must try it out though I've never seen beetroot puree. I'll have a look when I next do my grocery shopping.

  4. This cake looks really tasty Maria, I have heard of beetroot cake but never seen a recipe. It looks yummy and healthy too!!!! Perfect. Thank you for sharing. x

  5. I love Beetroot sandwiches! Looks like a great recipe.
    We're all okay. Helsies dinner, your cake, um we are lucky girls tonight !

    Hugs Suex

  6. I'm glad you like it! It's really moist, isn't it? You'd never guess it had beetroot in it!