Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What the ...

Hi everyone
Woke up this morning - ok nothing new there
Went to the ensuite - again nothing new there
Turned on the light - something new there - no light
Ok maybe bulb has gone
Hubby tried bedroom - nothing there

That's right a BLACKOUT!!!!!
Unusual here, but oh well
Looked out the window - no lights in the other buildings
Turns out a major Trans-Grid has gone under taking out a LARGE number of suburbs

Ok now is the bad stuff

No hot water for a shower - UGH
My hair is a bit long and needs a cut - so at the moment it is sticking up like a cocky's comb
Can't go to the shops to get anything looking like this
Can't use the lift to get downstairs - oh that's what the stair-well is for ☺
Hubby said the front security door let him out
oh dear, he was hoping to have a day off work
But he did say that the Police did a better job with traffic than the traffic lights do  ☺
So he ends up a work very, very, very early
Don't want to open the fridge, just in case it takes a while for the power to get back
What can I have
There is an apple!!!

So I can crochet, or knit, or read
Well actually not reading
As you can guess with no power
It turns out to be the darkest morning and its getting darker
Where is the rain
I can't see the page clearly to read
So I can crochet or knit - Yeah!!!!!

You know what I'm really missing
TV - not at all
Computer - well it would be nice, but you will all be there tomorrow for me ☺

And a HOT SHOWER!!!!


  1. Gosh I hope you have had your HOT cuppa & HOT shower by this... not the best start to the day eh...
    I think I would of gone out[depending on how many floors?] nothing a hat couldn't fix & bought me a HOT cuppa & maybe something extra naughty to make me feel betterer...
    It's cold here today... in SUNNY Qld... did I say we have NO sun either... but got power... sorry didn't mean to rub it in... Chin up...

  2. One of your best. I love this post. You are thinkn' and ramblin' out loud here. Must be as that is how I type away too. Sure hope you're power is back up and running soon. I don't want to see what you will be like without your HOT cuppa and shower if this goes on too long....

    Glad to see we need no power to hook away, but no computer... we in trouble now...


  3. Poor you Maria, I quite like power cuts providing I have boiled the kettle first!!!!! aint gonna happen. No seriously thank you for you lovely comment on my blog about my hands - much appreciated. Hope you get power soon

  4. That's why I love GAS.....

  5. OOh poor you! I thought this post was so funny Maria!
    kate was right!
    Hugs Suex