Monday, 5 July 2010

Old and new again

First off I need to apologise to those who may have been reading my blog for a while.
I know that what you are about to see, your first response will be - "But I've seen that before...."
And correctly so.
Ok, that's the long story, now for the short.

I'm sure you would remember this wildness, photo here
And I really can't wear scarves, so it became this
Now I did love the back of this, but as for the front, with my body shape, it just did not work.  The problem is not with the pattern, but with my body shape - applause for me as that is a BIG admission from me ☺

Now as a knitter, I have never yet re-worked yarn to make another item. Whatever I knitted was exactly what I was after. So not sure if its age, crochet or something else

The wool was very expensive, but more importantly
I loved the colours!!!!
I wanted to wear this
Hubby knew this and made a suggestion.
Now of course, I poo-pooed the idea.  After all what would he really know???
But I started to do some research
Had a good look around the internet

And then decided to modify a charity crochet project
Using the squares and triangles I had made
And I came up with this






Yes, a Poncho
So 70's
And you know what???
I'm in love
Yep, hubby got it right
(don't let him know though ☺)

Now the neckline did take me 4 attempts to get it so I was happy with it, so it was not exactly a breeze, but close enough

Finally got an item
I WANT to wear
I feel GOOD in
I just LOVE it
And it is so WARM

So you may now be able to spot me in the crowd - ha, ha, ha
Family joke - I'm so short
4ft 11-3/4in, can't even get the 1/4 in needed to say 5ft, they keep measuring me ☺
In crowds no-one can find me ☺ ☺ ☺

Now a couple of things I learnt along the way
  • My sewing up of an item is VERY secure, a few mishaps were had in undoing, but were fixed
  • I prefer to crochet items together rather than sew - just a personal preference, a bit of the look and the convenience
  • And this wool, both Colinette and Bendigo Luxury, held up well to the re-working, mostly 3 times re-worked
Bye for now


  1. Ho Ho Maria you are so right to go with the poncho. I really like it and I think they are great. I have a RED sort of poncho thing that I love - the arms parts are sort of sewn in and it has travelled to Alaska with me.
    I'm glad you have it finished in time for your cold weather. Isn't it great to get all the winter woolies out and wear something different for a change?

  2. Ohhh Maria you are a Britian... I pull mine out heaps of times while crocheting but not quite the same as pulling a wholely made item apart...
    And here I thought you must of got a crate load of this material on special once & were determined to use it all up so you co-ordinated... I'm easily fooled...
    I must say I love your poncho & I agree no doubt the best thing for our climate [no I'm not going to say anything about 'our' body shapes... ha ha]...
    I'll get me one made sooner or later [darn will no doubt be later, knowing me]...