Wednesday, 3 March 2010

What am I doing now ?????

Hi everyone


Good news on the cape!!
The flowergirl liked it!!!!
The matron-of-honour (Mum of said flowergirl) loved it and thought it was cute!!!
But most importantly The Bride Loved It and said it was just what she wanted for them!!!

Another Woo-Hoo!!!

So another cape will be made and shown, just to prove I am not using the one photo 

I have mentioned that D1 wanted a throw to match her Xmas ripple pillows.  Now she has a KING sized bed and I could not get my head around doing a ripple THAT big.  Had the colours sorted out, just the size (and other projects :-p) were putting me off.

Then I had an idea, I started playing with triangle shapes - sorry no photos, they really did not get beyond a few rows as the effect they created would not come together in my mind with what I had pictured.
Then I played with a diamond shape, but it seemed more squarey to me .....

and Bingo .......

Squarey, diamondy thingy came together to start this

There is one light blue which I still have to get.  Not ripply more mountains than hills, but it will go well with the ripple pillows.  And more importantly I can do this in bite size pieces, so it should not overwhelm me TOO much - except for near the end when joining will be a challenge

Another project I am working on is a secret!!!!
And a way, way, way in advance pressie!!!!
Been planning for ages - needed just the right wool and pattern.  I have tried a lot, but I think this will be just right!!!!
A little peek

And a visitor!!!!

Say hello to Cocky!!!!!

Well the 1 March rocked round and so did the beginning of Autumn, only just.
For the first time, in I don't know how long, I actually got to sleep under a blanket!!!!  Only a light one, but still a blanket.
And the days are staying down to mid-high 20C's /75-85F

Don't you just love Autumn!!!!

Will have to keep my eye open for the changes in the plants which I love.

Bye for now


  1. Autumn is my favourite time of year - days not too hot and a nip in the air at night, but it hasn't found its way to Queensland yet!
    I HATE Summer and the heat and am praying that Spring isn't too far advanced in the Northern Hemisphere when we get there and that the temperatures are still cool ( cold by our standards ).
    Have you seen the diamond pattern blanket Lucy ( attic 24) is doing for a baby blanket? It has a ripply / zigzag edge that might go well on your diamond blanket.

  2. Woo hoo Maria! so glad the cape is acceptable cos I thought it was lovely! I love the diamondy squarey thingy as you say will be easier to make in bite sized pieces. In response to you comment on flickr about my flower in a square - the flower is from Jan Eatons 200 crochet blocks and I put it in a granny square rather than a plain treble square. Enjoy your Autumn day - I am enjoying our Spring day!! **Kim**X

  3. You're going into Autumn,we're going into Spring. Daft isn't it?
    I love the squares, I love the colours. I think its a good idea.
    I'm so pleased too Maria that the cape was 'acceptable!' You always worry, but you've done a really nice job there well done.
    Thanks for the note about Kate.
    I've amended! I've finished no. 3. so pop over.
    Good that you slept better.
    Love Suex

  4. Thanks for your kind comments. Your squares came up really good in the blanket!
    Have a good weekend Maria,
    Hugs and Love Suex

  5. Autumn what is this autumn. Qld thinks it still is summer; rain and humidity.